Governor Cuomo Promotes Unlimited Late-term Abortions

The word “Fringe” is defined as “Not part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral, or extreme.” There are those on the Left, particularly since the rise of the Tea Party, that smack that label on every Conservative idea in existence. For example, the Tea Party wants deep cuts in spending, lower taxes; or a flat tax rate, and a balanced budget. Truly, those ideas are fringe. Having a balanced budget? How radical! Those on the Left frequently call Conservatives “radical,” simply because Conservatives are sensible.

Those on the Left never seem to view themselves as fringe, or extreme, despite fitting the bill quite comfortably. Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, is now trying to pass abortion legislation that would be the most extreme in the country.

According to The Catholic Center: “The bill would permit unlimited late-term abortion on demand…The bill would endanger the lives of women by allowing non-physicians to perform abortions…The bill would preclude any future reasonable regulations of abortion…The bill endangers the religious liberty of Catholic hospitals and other institutions.”

This bill, if passed, would allow unlimited late term abortions for reasons other than a life and death situation with the mother. As it stands currently, abortions are prohibited after 24 weeks in New York City.

With a dearth of doctors willing to perform abortions, this bill would allow any “licensed heal-care practitioner” to practice an abortion. Abortions are–despite what the Left tells us–a dangerous procedure for the woman. Allowing unqualified doctors to perform these procedures will ultimately harm more women.

Speaking of beliefs that stand outside the mainstream, let’s take a look at some statistics. According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2011:

1. “52 percent of pro-choicers and 90 percent of pro-lifers favor making abortion illegal in the second trimester.”

2. “Making abortion illegal in the third trimester (79 percent pro-choicers, 94 percent pro-lifers)”

3. “Banning partial-birth abortions (63 percent pro-choicers, 68 percent pro-lifers).”

Majorities of both pro-lifers and pro-choicers in every category stand opposed to late-term abortions, even going back as far as the second trimester. The most striking statistic is number two, wherein a whopping 79% of pro-choicers favor making illegal third trimester abortions.

Andrew Cuomo–the man who once said “I am the government.”–is not even any longer on the fringe, he is off the grid completely. Cuomo once said this: “Too often government responds to the whispers of lobbyists before the cries of the people.”

Dear Governor Cuomo, with this legislation, you are not listening to the cries of the people you claim to represent; you are listening to an extremist minority. The majority does not back your ideas, because they are barbaric and archaic. Please, take a look in a mirror, and you will not see your constituents, but a delirious man on the fringes of society.



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  • DonBahn1

    Killing babies in the womb, or as the head comes out is no different than the killing of 27 people in the school in Newtown CT.

  • ConstitutionalistChristian

    OK.  Big sodas are bad because”they hurt children” and increase the likelihood of obesity.  Guns are bad because they “hurt children;” but, he should have all the security with guns he wants.  And now he is OK with “killing children?”
    I am so sick of the “women’s health” issue abortion is spoken of.  It is murder pure and simple.  It is murder (in this country) of US citizens that were give the security of their God given rights to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  A women’s “right to choose” death of an innocent child is murder.  God will hold us to account.
    Please people.  Teach you children of the value of every life.  We must stop this insanity in the USA.

  • gcalhoun2015

    Could someone give his mother a late term abortion???

    • NunnyahBiz

      I WILL I WILL!………………………….Oh wait,  there isn’t any law against aborting a post birth fetus is there???!!!……………………………………Didn’t think so, here we go!!!

  • DockyWocky

    Isn’t it about time that Cardinal Timmy does something about these monsters claiming to be Catholics?

    • agbjr

      @DockyWocky The Bishop of Albany last year directed the Albany Diocese clergy to refuse Cuomo Communion on the off-chance he attends Mass … he never does. But you are right, this immoral sonofabitch should be publicly excommunicated.

  • mannasage

    Baby Killer Gov. Cuomo, too bad your parents didn’t abort you!!!

    • pjthunder

      @mannasage his mom shoulda swallowed instead of opening her legs…

  • ConstitutionalistChristian

    It is high time all of us that hold the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (the Lord Jesus Christ) as our God take action. 
    Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, Charismatics, and Jews (waiting to know Christ) should stand together for life.  We will even ask the Mormons in this tent. This is the worst plague to haunt the USA.  We the people of God freed the slaves (not democrats).  We the people of God need to stand fight for life.

  • RalphZ

    Oh Well.  I hope he is an atheist, because if he believes in God, God will not hear him because he has innocent blood on his hands and all who do abortions as well as those that have them.

  • Mike Hughes

    Governor Cuomo is definitely overdue for his mental health examination.

  • FlagMan

    So Cuomo is for killing children

  • budlangpapa

    The one who defines the debate wins the debate.  We have been scammed big time.  Baby killing has been sold as a womens health issue and a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body.  Never mind the murder of the body within her.  The lie here is defining that fetus as just a piece of flesh or a growth or anything but a baby.  Quomo and others of his ilk will stand befor God and have to explain why we have killed more babys than the Germans killed Jews and the numbers keep growing.  No wonder America is falling apart.  We have no moral anchor any more.

  • agbjr

    Andrew Cuomo is an adulterous immoral sonofabitch and it is high time the Church excommunicated him.

  • CorkyRowe

    It simply defies explanation or understanding.  These people, who we elect to public office, or presumably have demonstrated a decent intellect, command of the language, ability to understand the language, et. al, during their campaigns to convince their constituents to vote for them.  Yet,  to often, we find them supporting these things that go against every bone in the body.   As I told a fellow on another site the other day, as we were going back and forth about this very subject, you can rant and rave and holler and do all the cajoling you want, but when you go home, eat supper and lay your head on your pillow, ready to go to sleep, you’ll know in your heart that it’s just WRONG!! It’s that simple.  I’m very sorry that it INCONVENIENCES some women when they are suddenly pregnant, (it really shouldn’t be that big a surprise if you engage in sexual activities on a regular basis, especially if you don’t use protection or preventative measures), it is, after all, a by product of that activity.  If they didn’t know that, then they shouldn’t have been indulging in that activity in the first place, and since most of them do know the possibility exists as a result of sex,  the first decision about their body that they SHOULD make, is to abstain from sex until they’re ready to handle the resultant condition, pregnancy.  Even if they don’t necessarily want a baby, there are millions of folks out there that want children, but for some biological reason, can’t have them.   They would welcome a baby, of either gender, with open arms, and in some cases, would even pay for the pre-natal care and the hospital birth, plus a small amount for the mother, for going through the pregnancy.  There are many other avenues to help you rid yourself of the baby once it’s born.  You just have to look around, they’re there.   Please, if you”re considering an abortion NOW, because you’re pregnant and don’t want to be, consider looking around for an alternative.

  • 2brknot2b

    Gun control because he’s so angry about the death of a 5,6 7 year old, but let’s kill them out of the womb. This is the most perverse man to ever hold politics in the U.S., Worse, he’s really no different than the hlafrAmeriKenyIndoneisan who sits in the White House. This just proves the gun control debate was not about the children, but about getting a gun registration scheme passed for future confiscations.

    • NunnyahBiz

      How right you are!
      It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that obama had the SH shooter hypnotized and planned the whole thing!            I know it’s a stretch, but with everything else he’s done, It “REALLY” wouldn’t surprise me!

      • CorkyRowe

        @NunnyahBiz  @2brknot2b  – You’re pretty close.  I’ve seen several videos that show interviews of some of the folks that were involved in that event, and several of them are actors.  Also one of the small children that was supposed have been shot and killed was seen up and walking around out behind the school hours later.   There’s  a school of thought that says that the whole event could have been staged by the Obama bunch, just to gin up the left about the gun control thing.  It WAS one of the things he talked about in his inogurall speech a few days ago.  He’s been chomping at the bit about this for some time now.

        • PeaceBeWithU

          @CorkyRowe  @NunnyahBiz  @2brknot2b
           My school of thought is how likely all of the recent shootings have been  staged and how many more will continue until they get what they want.

      • JuneGagnon

        @NunnyahBiz  @2brknot2b “I know it’s a stretch” – -no, it isn’t, but you’re beginning to get the “full picture”!  Do some more research, starting long before Fast and Furious and you’ll find some amazing parallels and coincidences!  I can’t even begin to go into them here; it would take more than a page!
            Shortly after the Sandy Hook massacre, someone posted “Even obama would not stoop that low”!  I say he would and did; being the true alinskiite, he believes “The ends justify the means”!  Don’t take my word for it, do the research; for one, check out Doug Hagmann, of Canada Free Press!  His interview, with an administration “insider”, he refers to as “Rosebud”, revealed the Benghazi terror attack was a plot to kidnap the Ambassador, so obama-soetoro could “exchange” him for the blind sheik (the 1993 WTC bomber); his “stand down order” was ignored, so he decided “dead men tell no tales”!   By the way, that Benghazi compound was NOT a consulate, NOR a mission; it was a CIA staging area for the transfer of US and Ghadafi weapons to ansar al-sharia and al-queda.  Eventually, those same weapons will be used against US, just as they were after Iran-Contra!  You do remember that, don’t you?
           Many years ago, FDR said “In politics, there are no accidents. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way!”  And he knew what he was talking about; he was a liberal, progressive, owo democrat!

    • CorkyRowe

      @2brknot2b – You probably don’t really understand just how close you are to the absolute truth.  Several of his 23 new executive orders pertain to the background checks that are supposed to be starting, and about how and who will collect the information that will be disseminated in them.  He’s directing all the police depts. to collaborate with the gun shops and whoever is going to be doing the background checks for the individual sales, person to person, or father to son, etc.  The credit bureaus will also be in this network, and eventually every aspect of our life so far, will be included in one of these background checks, if you’ve ever defaulted on a debt, or had a car repossessed or spent a night in jail somewhere for some misdemeanor, it will all be in there.  And then, they can deny you a permit to buy or transfer ownership of a gun into your hands if you’re trying to buy.  It’s going to get really scarey.   And  now, with the prez starting to dismantle sheriff’s dept’s., we’re going to find it difficult to find someone to stick up for us little guys.

      • JuneGagnon

        @CorkyRowe  @2brknot2b They are going even further, to make sure we either do NOT have weapons, OR we have NO ammunition.  Currently, various Military installations are “destroying” all brass ammo casings, instead of re-selling them to the public.  That is a “direct violation” of current law!  So, if you target shoot, or hunt, SAVE your shell casing and re-load them- -otherwise there will be none available for the consumer to purchase.  You’ve probably noticed, DHS and other federal agencies, are buying up hundreds of millions of rounds.  Whether they really “plan” to use that ammo against American citizens, or not, is anyone’s guess; but by doing this, they are making ammo, both scarce and expensive!

    • pjthunder

      @2brknot2b BINGO there 2brknot2b…it’s called “distractionary tactics”…smoke and mirrors…

  • J Joy

    Have all of out elected officials completely lost their minds???

    • JuneGagnon

      @J Joy I dare say they’ve not lost their minds; they’re just plain damn “greedy” and have been “paid off” by the left-wing nuts that currently run our once great nation.  I do not condone abortion, it IS murder, but our entire world would be a much better place if a number of women named dunham, cuomo, bloomberg, pelosi, reid, schumer, rodham, clinton, et. al. HAD decided to abort!!

    • dntmkmecomoverther

      @J Joy Yes, evidently.

    • pjthunder

      @J Joy Noooo J Joy…they haven’t lost their minds, they’ve lost all respect for the Constitution, common sense, and the American way of life, which to me speaks loudly of treason by anyone who follows this line of thinking, as well as mass murder.

  • Patty57

    This moron needs to be in the room when the baby is being killed by the doctor then maybe he will see it is killing a live baby.

    • dntmkmecomoverther

      @Patty57 ..and, whatever utensil the abortion doctor uses on the child, the same procedure must be carried out on Cuomo.  That will open his mind…

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Well, if Cuomo gets his way, that will make the abortionist a much more deadly enemy than the thief with a GUN.  The tools of the abortion doctor will have to be  labeled ‘assault’ weapons as I see it…and to which  the dead child will attest.

  • nanblan

    This man is turning out to be a monster/madman.  The thought of him running for president is a very scary one, and we must do everything possible to prevent that from happening.
    It appears that politicians in New York are working on becoming the next Nazi regime.  There – I almost said it – the dreadful “H” word.  At any rate, they’re introducing new ways to take away the freedoms of their constituents each and every day.  Could it be that they’re trying to surpass California with the disgusting, unconstitutional policies they’re trying to pass?  I think there’s a definitely a good fight going on.

  • AdrianVance

    When will the black people figure out this is aimed at them?
    Google The Two Minute Conservative and when you speak ladies will swoon and iberal gentlemen will weep.

    • pjthunder

      @AdrianVance just as soon as you can get them to forget their blackness…

  • servant

    Please remember this fact…….. ALL who push for abortions, are asking you and me to commit MURDER!
    SO how many of you are willing to vote for anyone who wants us to commit murder, of totally innocent and helpless human beings, who have no voice, and no means of defense?
    In the past 40 years we have EXECUTED over 50,000,000–   innocent beings, all without a Judge nor Jury nor even a TRAIL!
    Yet we call self the Good Guys and the Nazis as evil?
    America have we no shame? For most of the 50K were done for purely SELFISH reasons, and that is the most sad part of all!,Still wonder why so many Teen’s commit suicide?

  • angel53545

    hell is coming to earth, judgement is due.

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