Liberalism Teaches its Straight, White Male Believers to Hate Themselves

As an addendum to yesterday’s post in which I wrote about a liberal fascist who sought to have me punished for my political beliefs, I would like to point out what sort of people liberalism creates.

To give only one example of my point, though it is much more prevalent than this one case, I will use the man who believed it was his duty to report my politics to my boss.

That man has a website of his own (again, I’ll spare him the publicizing of it). The page that he devotes to describing who he is (typically called an “About Me” page), he has titled “Disclosure of Culture and Privilege.”

A disclosure is typically something that you would tell a person if you thought it would be unethical not to tell him; a warning of sorts. As a way for, say, a movie critic to clear his conscience, he would mention in his review of a certain movie any connections he may have to its production or to the people behind it.

The liberal in question feels it is his ethical duty to disclose to people his many “privilege[s]” in life. He writes:

“[M]y thoughts and ideas are embedded in a culture and colored by a long history of privileged thinking. For that reason, I feel it’s necessary to be explicit about both my culture(s) of origin and my matrix of privilege…. It is not my intention in making this statement to excuse any wrong or offensive things I say….[but] to give an honest reporting of myself….”

And what are these privileges of which he speaks?

First, he is white. But, he says, “I have some non-White (Penobscot) ancestry many generations back, but this genealogical fact has not reduced in any way the privilege I’ve been accorded as a European-descended person in North America.”

Second, “I was male-assigned at birth and, to the best of my knowledge, have no intersex traits. I identify as cisgendered, but I credit that primarily to my broad definition of gender roles….I don’t identify with any specific sexual/romantic orientation, mostly because absent gender-binaries the whole thing becomes too complicated to nail down in a word.” And he continues about his sexual orientation ad nauseam.

His other privileges include growing up without any serious abuse (though I’d adamantly argue otherwise) in an upper-middle-class family.

More confession: “I have also done very little to deliberately divest myself of this privilege…but I do what I can to make myself aware of my privilege….”

This man has a serious pathological guilt complex. (Be forewarned: he says he is studying to be a child psychologist.)

It is a terrible thing that liberalism makes people feel so ashamed of who they are. Americans used to take pride in their abilities and blessings (now blurred together and dismissed as privileges). Liberalism brainwashes people into despising their “birth-assigned” identity if that “identity” stems from the biological fact of being straight, white, and male.

There has even been a new word created to demonize straight people, which you saw the liberal above use: “cisgendered,” or simply “cis.” It means you’re straight, but it is a pejorative term used by straight liberals for self-flagellation.

How ironic and fascinating, however despicable, that liberalism declares natural what is a shameful and shameful what is natural.



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48 comments on “Liberalism Teaches its Straight, White Male Believers to Hate Themselves
  1. DrAnalog says:

    Anyone stupid enough to feel guilty about where he is from, that he is white male or whatever, is truly an idiot, especially if he admits feeling guilty about that in public. Liberals are such stupid fools.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @DrAnalog The only thing that you should fear about concerning your relationship with GOD AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, is that you are saved by HIS grace because of your acceptance of, HIM as GOD’S Son. This is done by  the shedding of  HIS blood on the cross, for our redemption. The Jewish people are HIS chosen people, the Gentiles, Black people, red and white people are grafted into the tree because of our faith in HIM as HIS children. Those who hate the Jews, because they are  Jews will see it again, when they become before HIM as mentioned in Matt 24:31-46

  2. DavidPeacock says:

    the most discriminated indidual in America’s society;;”WHITE STRAIGHT WORKING MALES……OBAMA IS THE ANTHESIS OF WE WHITE MALES;;black bisexual freeloader…..

  3. bobseeks says:

    Liberalism is like the world Bizzaro – a world where good is bad, beauty is ugliness, love is hate, reason is unreason, truth is a lie, and so on. We cannot communicate with liberals because they are totally opposite from us. The best thing we can do is send them to Bizzaro where they will feel at home. The first step is to kick them out of the USA.

  4. fwiw says:

    Apologizing for characteristics he has no control over instead of trying to make the best of the qualifites he’s given.  The guy IS useless except as a tool to be used by others.

  5. PLT SGT CHE says:

    He calls good- evil and evil- good. 
    For sure, modern times produced
    a new- breed of Caucasian males.
    Few build ships for new discovery
    as did men who founded and built
    America.  Many are wealthy in the
    dollars in their powder puff hands.
    Really, he’s “Cisgendered” white
    and confused?  Our schools are
    teaching a revisionist history and
    the Caucasian is under attack by
    this new breed of sissy, narcissist
    and suicidal guilt ridden European
    determined to explain– he is guilty
    of breathing too much air, gets too
    much straight sex he ain’t sure he
    deserves and heck, his birth ain’t
    his fault—-but he’s certainly guilty.

  6. deanied says:

    Liberalism is a very sick disease & mental problem!  Sure hope none of these morons ever get a gun…they may shoot each other by mistake…OOOOPS!

  7. teriqua jones says:

    Politically-correctness gone overboard.  “Cisgendered?” I prefer the word straight, we all know what that means.  Perhaps we don’t wish to offend the LGBT population?  So we create a new name for normal. That’s right, straight is actually normal!  I believe in the sacred union between one man and one woman. If you have any doubts, think of people as pieces of a puzzle; male and female pieces fit together.   This nut-job is feeling guilty about being straight, white and male? I have read the article twice and this still does not make sense. I think I need to read yesterday’s post.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @teriqua jones This is how the anti-GOD homosexuals want us to feel, therefore we are ridiculed by the entire anti-GOD bunch of liberals. We must stand up and be counted against them.

      • PLT SGT CHE says:

        @Evermyrtle  @teriqua jones
        As for myself, a Caucasian poor boy from Ohio, I
        figger the alphabet crowd (LGBT) and now the “CIS-
        gendered are all signs of the times.  Our generation has
        devolved–to where everyone wants to be represented
        by some letter in the alphabet.  I have my own list of worthies.
        1)  A for instance for A– holes; or abortionist’s
        2)  C for crooks
        3)  D for D— Head, I actually knew a sergeant named Richard Head
        4)  E could be for the Euthanasia promoters or Hitler Goebbels followers
        5)  F for fart inspectors from the government
        6)  G–o gee, G is already employed
        7)  H, hooker comes to mind
        Seven being my lucky number I’ll halt there
        At least with everyone wanting to be alphatized–maybe the LGBT bunch will file suit?
        I know this all sounds silly—but—- I’m tired–zzzzzzzzz  zzzzz  zzzzzzz zzzzzzz

  8. J Joy says:

    This guy needs to define “privilege” for me to understand what the H_ _ _ he is talking about.  This quotes from his website are true ramblings of a true liberal.

  9. PLT SGT CHE says:

    LESBIAN—–GAY—–BISEXUAL—–TRANSGENDERED—–F—– at birth Haw HAW hahahahahaha

  10. hpinnc says:

    If it had not have been for the white,straight,working, white man where would YOU be today?Our forefathers built this land,made the farm-land,built the factories,made most of the inventions.I do not think I have to go around with my head hung low.Non-whites have the same opportunities I have had & my children.I have worked it out over the past 50 yrs.It is because I didn’t sit around blaming someone else for my mis-fortunes,neither did I look to the government to keep me up.I do not hate myself,in fact I am proud of who I am.

  11. JohnBush says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder and this freak proves it !!

  12. Evermyrtle says:

    Any White male who is a non-anti-GOD has something to be proud single or married. That is what our country was built on..Men then were honest GOD loving family loving men and would hard and put his GOD and his family before all other things and we were successful, we were not going down the drain in filth and sin.

  13. Evermyrtle says:

    Even to write such a thing is a violation and a smear on the men in our freedom

  14. bear31062 says:

    The guy that is being discussed in the article claims he is of White European ancestry, except for some Penobscot Indian ancestry way, way back. Well I just LOVE to tell him that the Penobscot Indians being of Eastern Woodland Tribes are of entirely European ancestry themselves. Therefor making the guy entirely of FULL BLOODED WHITE EUROPEAN ANCESTRY.

  15. johnnyangel10 says:

    Good story, but the Vote for Barney Frank ad on your site ruined it.

  16. angel53545 says:

    sociology 101 and Race, ethics and Diversity class all mandatory  for conplietion of a 2 year degree at my college.
    they are forcing us to take these classes for the degree. and i have to pay for it. I am a white, christian, hetero male. It was agony to sit through this liberal crap.

    • DrAnalog says:

       I’m just happy I’m an old guy and don’t have to put up with this. I would probably never have gotten a degree if I needed that sort of BS to graduate.

  17. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I’m a Liberal, White, straight, Irish male and I just love myself to pieces.

    • LarryGallo says:

      @Seymour Kleerly No one else does, trust me.

      • Seymour Kleerly says:

        @LarryGallo There’s plenty of me for everyone!

        • bobseeks says:

          @Seymour Kleerly  @LarryGallo What a shame. One liberal, is one liberal too many.

        • Seymour Kleerly says:

          @bobseeks  @LarryGallo Hearing the other side can only make you better. Conservatives are correct on many things, but don’t defend something just because it’s accepted by your side. Turn off your Right Wing Hate Machine, and at least try to listen to the rest of the planet.  You’re in a tiny minority for good reason.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Seymour Kleerly Did you ever do anything other that throw slurs and ridicule at other people. Maybe it is time that you try to do something constructive, even if it is nothing but to learn to talk sensibly to other normal humans. That would be a marvelous improvement.

      • Seymour Kleerly says:

        @Evermyrtle From my first moment viewing  these sites, I’ve  heard only angry, ridiculous, vicious, extremist  comments about Liberals and Obama. I’m a Liberal and I like Obama. It is your hysterical rants that cause my caustic replies.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Seymour Kleerly  @Evermyrtle You cant find a liberal site somewhere you can enjoy reading the comments? I don’t have time to go on those I don’t like, and I certainly do not read post that I don’t like, I assure there are plenty of them on here. I suspect they you only do this to harness those who do not agree with you. What I can’t figure out, ” Shy do you want every body to agree with you? You don’t??You just like to harass those you hate?? Oh well, to each his own!!!

        • Seymour Kleerly says:

          @Evermyrtle I’m board to tears reading things with which I already agree. That’s why I watch Fox News and listen to Talk Radio. I am only refuting wild and crazy, nasty statements that spew hatred at me. Stop the vile anti-Liberal statements and see what I do.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Seymour Kleerly  @Evermyrtle I don’t hate you, you hate me and my country and my freedom, and your freedom. What on earth is a liberal doing on a conservative site trying to run it. You would have more luck and fun on a liberal site.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Evermyrtle  @Seymour Kleerly  It seems pretty idiotic to come on this early in the morning and stay till late at night if you are so bored.

        • Seymour Kleerly says:

          @Evermyrtle I said I’d be bored to tears on a Liberal site. I don’t require reinforcement, and I like to test the strength of my ideas. This is great fun and  I feel lucky to have this opportunity to prove that Liberals are not the evil, horrible subhumans  you easily manipulated poor souls, say we are.

        • angel53545 says:

          @Seymour Kleerly  @Evermyrtle I can say the same of Huffington post.

        • Seymour Kleerly says:

          @angel53545  @Evermyrtle Huff. Post is Liberal for sure but not an anti-intellectual hatefest for Left Wingnuts.

  18. PLT SGT CHE says:

    The Caucasian cut down the trees in Europe,
    built the ships they escaped tyranny on, then
    discovered, fought for and built our America;
    where Blacks, Hispanics, Caucasians and et
    al now reside in disharmony; where we, the 
    Caucasians now observe the dismantling of
    the nation WE THE PEOPLE built as we see
    racist’s, led by lawyerly government, divide
    and hijack our legacy, the truth of God and
    the unity our people should enjoy; and be
    thankful for.  Instead we are led by foolish
    feminist’s helped by effeminate lawyerly men,
    liars, degenerates and a perverted and
    spoiled class of millions, now DEPENDENT
    on a corrupt government led by a narcissist
    PotUS dependents and hijackers elected.
    Surely it appears we are deceived and our
    return to bondage assured.  As for my people,
    children are their oppressor, and women rule
    over them.  O my people, they which lead thee
    cause ye to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.
    (Isaiah 3:12)

  19. AdrianVance says:

    What it really teaches straight, white males to do is pay no attention to teachers.  That is the real damage.
    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  20. Jaycen says:

    That’s just insanity.  Every once in a while I have to travel to Canada, and every time I thank God I don’t have to live there.  There are plenty of good and decent Canadian people, but they’ve allowed the rest to turn their country into a very crazy place.

    • Seymour Kleerly says:

      @Jaycen Do you go there for cheaper health care?

      • Jaycen says:

        @Seymour Kleerly
         Unfortunately, I go there for business.  The last time I went, I was held for an hour at immigration.  I was coming into Canada to train our customer on our proprietary software.
        I was told that I was potentially taking a job from a Canadian (see the Socialist Worker’s Union mentality?), and that if the training wasn’t part of the original sale, then I couldn’t come in.  I was told several times that I was lucky I wasn’t being put right back on a plane to America.  After 45 minutes of this, the last time I was told I was lucky, I said, “No, actually, I couldn’t care less.  Feel free to put me back on a plane.  I don’t want to be here anyway.”
        The agent looked at me blankly, and then pointed at another window behind me and told me I had to purchase a work visa for $150.  I laughed and said, “If all you wanted to do was extort $150 from me, you could have said that at the outset and saved us both a lot of time.  In fact, I don’t care how much it costs, because I’m simply going to charge it back to your people as a business expense, so you’re only hurting business in your own country.”
        That was met with another blank look, as you can’t explain common sense to government bureaucrats.  So, I paid my customer’s fee (which we later billed back to them) and went on my way.

        • Seymour Kleerly says:

          @Jaycen You could have just said no. I don’t need all that , but thanks. Sounds like they were protecting Canadian jobs to me. A Capitalist would fire his own brother to get a higher profit! No?

        • Jaycen says:

          @Seymour Kleerly
           I could have, but then you would have missed the joy of my anecdote.
          They weren’t protecting Canadian jobs, as they were increasing the cost of that particular company to do business, and the cost of all Canadians by virtue of the wasted tax dollars.
          Capitalism is a word that means, “What happens when human beings are free to trade with each other”.  So, it looks like you’ve conflated ideas that don’t necessarily go together.  I’d say that if I was happy with my profit, I wouldn’t fire my brother.  If my brother was responsible for hurting my profit, I’d probably fire him.
          I can’t speak for other Capitalists, as Capitalists believe in freedom, and I wouldn’t presume to take choices for other human beings.  That’s the purvue of Statists.  No?

        • Seymour Kleerly says:

          @Jaycen I’m speechless.

        • bobseeks says:

          @Seymour Kleerly  @Jaycen And witless.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Jaycen Justis hope before this is all over you won’t be begging them to allow you to move there.

  21. BarackHussein says:

    Yes, liberals are the most racist people in this country… they are really out of the closet now.

  22. Patricia Teague says:

    I do not watch fox news
    I am ‘straight’ I am a woman who only liked men when I liked sex, too old to care about sex now
    i do not care what you love in the way of politicians, I only care who you claim as your God, not even that, I care who I claim as my GOD, I can’t change your choice.

  23. angel53545 says:

    My God is Jesus.

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