Gun Owner Should Sue Journal News For Making Him Target of Burglary

The Journal News in White Plains, New York, posted an interactive map of all handgun permit holders in Westchester and Rockland Counties.  The map gave the names and addresses of everyone who held a permit to own a handgun.

On January 2, 2013, I asked the question:

“If they [The Journal News] are willing to accept the legal responsibility and liability for any crimes committed against the gun owners identified in their online post?

In my article, I predicted that criminals would use the map to target homes with guns for the express purpose of stealing the guns and it appears my prediction has come true.

A seventy year old man in White Plains, New York had his house broken into while he was gone.  The burglars put a ladder up to his back window, broke the glass and entered the house.  Their target was his gun safe.

It just so happened that his name and address was one of the 44,000 handgun permit holders’ names that had been posted online by The Journal News back on Dec. 24, 2012.  Police say they have one suspect in custody and are looking for another.  They haven’t said yet whether or not the burglary was connected to the posting, however neighbors who have lived on the same street since 1997 say nothing like this has ever happened before that they are aware of.  You can see a video of the news cast here.

The burglary has caught the attention of New York State Senator Greg Ball, who is trying to push legislation to make gun permit information private and not open to public record.  In a statement made after hearing of the burglary, Ball said:

“If the connection is proven, this is further proof that these maps are not only an invasion of privacy but that they present a clear and present danger to law-abiding, private citizens.”

I agree and if it is proven that the burglars used the information on the interactive map to select their target, then I would strongly encourage the seventy year old homeowner to file a lawsuit against the Journal News for placing him in danger and setting him up for a home intrusion and burglary.  They need to be held accountable for their senseless act of endangering 44,000 law abiding citizens.



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124 comments on “Gun Owner Should Sue Journal News For Making Him Target of Burglary
  1. texaselect says:

    Texas used to publish the names of CHL holders, until they realized that crooks would wait until the gun owners went to work and break in knowing there was more than likely more than one gun in the house.  They stopped that practice and now we are protected from public disclosure. That news paper opened a pandoras box. They should be sued and taken to civil court. Gun owners had best use gun safes like I do that have a combination locking mechanism and are bolted to the floor and wall. Keeps crooks from gaining access and kids who are curious from getting in to “check Dads guns out”.

  2. Deborah Flynn says:

    he should sue every dum liberal that breathes for causing this hysteria

  3. CaptTurbo says:

    I want to see the “gun free zone” signs going up in the yard of every liberal Obama voting idiot.

    • Katjan68 says:

       Absolutely, and people like Obummer, who just voted himself protection for life, should have all security around him with no guns. I live in a state where one country, the police aren’t even allowed to have guns. You can probably guess where the biggest crime rate is in the state.

  4. NHGLENN says:

    They will do what ever it takes to cause chaos.

  5. patriotchic says:

    All 44,000 should sue, and when they own the paper they can use it to promote gun rights!

  6. DustyFae says:

    Yes, they should sue this paper because it put our childern in danger of being harmed.

    • icetrout says:

      @DustyFae Guess the paper will hide behind there first amendment rights to keep from being sued… love this pick & choose constitution…

      • Kissitgoodbye says:

        @icetrout @DustyFae / pit one constitutional right against another. Anyone else see the irony? What’s next… Get rid of the constitution?

        • sandman4X4 says:

          @Kissitgoodbye  @icetrout  @DustyFae
           AND THAT IS THEIR ULTIMATE GOAL!!!! if we let them that is!

  7. BS7SDEN says:

    The hate mongering ‘left’ radicals should be sued and held liable for their reckless criminal endangerment! This homeowner should bury this out of control newspaper and politicians!

  8. 7papa7 says:

    I would love to see them get sued and be forced to shut down.  The problem is that they do have 1st amendment rights.  What they did was totally 100% unprofessional but unfortunately I believe it to be legal.  I think that all of their addresses should be posted on line and in any paper in the area.  The police should step in and not allow them to have armed protection.  What they did is abominable but probably legal.  If they do sue I hope to God they win, but considering the amount of liberals behind the bench it probably won’t happen and that stinks.

    • icetrout says:

      @7papa7 What they did is worst than screaming fire @ the movies…

    • MichaelBurch says:

      @7papa7 I disagree…they intentionally put people at risk for their lives and for their personal property…and for that invasion of privacy they need to be held accountable for any and all damages incurred .This has nothing to do with first amendment rights….

      • 7papa7 says:

        @MichaelBurch You are right, that is what they did but like all liberals they are incapable of seeing past their agenda.  I hope that wasn’t their intent because if it was they got themselves a case.  They will plead ignorance and it would be hard to prove they aren’t.  I assure you I am totally on your side, I want to see them go down but we have that pesky first amendment. I heard a discussion on this from a prosecutor and defense lawyer and they agreed that winning this case would be real tough.

        • MichaelBurch says:

          @7papa7 it might be tough to win…but in the court of popular opinion i think they would win…not that it matters….That being said..if that was my dad whose house was broken to…i think I would be paying a visit to who ever ran that story…and that visit would occur at night.with harmful implications….. liberals only understand one thing…direct and personal attention…

  9. pennysca says:

    I hope he does sue. My God we can’t even find out where a sex offender lives and good Americans can’t even have privacy on something legal to own. What is happening to our country?

  10. bobseeks says:

    The paper should not only be sued, the editor should be charged with the crime of burglary.

  11. JoeV says:

    This goes to show that no matter what ones position in life may be in terms of education, community status, you just can fix STUPID!  By publishing these names they endangered every single adult and child in that community.  Damn them!!!

  12. Jackcxi says:

    And what if the owner had been injured or killed during the break-in?

  13. Dave says:

    The left doesn’t care about you or me. All they care about is ruling the rest of us. They are no better than common dictators. Our lives mean nothing to them unless it helps promote their radical agenda. Every great nation, every empire has fallen because of people like our American left. They are ignorant morons who will destroy everything they come in contact with. They are our greatest enemies!

  14. Livewire says:

    All gun owners who had their information posted should file a $2,500 small claims suit against the paper and all the editors.  88,000+ small claims suits should keep The Journal News busy….

  15. Lou J Apa says:

    Yes…the newspaper company is culpable for the resulting damages!….

  16. ErikOsbun says:

    A lawsuit is needed to teach the newspaper that it cannot jeopardize public safety.

  17. Gangbuster says:

    I would contribute to the cost of his lawsuit, even though he is probably worth more $$ than I am.

  18. Harold Pearl says:

    Targeting gun owners is only the “Yin” ……   what about the “Yang”  …….  they now not only where to find guns, but they now know where there are “No Guns”  …….   a guaranteed “gun free” target for the taking.  This is truly a fertile ground for burglars.  Safety for them with knowledge that their targets have no weapons, and where to find weapons when they need them.  What genius devised this system?  I hope he is not on any board pertaining to Homeland or other Government security agency.  If he is, we may as well surrender now.

  19. pudbertsavannahga says:

    If *I* had a child in ANY school or other Gun Free Zone ,,,
    I would SUE the Crap out of ALL people responsible for allowing my child to be a indefensible target…

  20. Kissitgoodbye says:

    Holder himself supposedly said that he wants gun owners to cower like those who cower outside to smoke their cigarettes. Did this paper want to help him out with that goal? Gun ownership has been outlawed in Australia, and yet ALL crime has gone UP. The thugs still get guns. Criminals don’t care about laws.
    Independent press? Me thinks NOT!

  21. 4 more years of misery says:

    Apparently, even though he’s beginning the assault on (legal, I might add…) gun ouwner’s rights….part of the legislation passed in the dark of night is when permit holders are required to renew their pistol permits, they may opt to have this information removed from public consumption….of course, why would anyone want it out there for all to see.

  22. livefyre8158 says:

    A petition, by 20,000 or more of the local citizenry, to the Attorney General of the State of New York, to investigate “wrong doing” by the managing editor of the newspaper, might bring about useful results.

    • dntmkmecomoverther says:

      @livefyre8158 ..and at the very least, misconduct and jeopardizing the safety of citizens…in any berg that should land you with a hefty fine and some jail time.

    • icetrout says:

      @livefyre8158 You’re kidding right? Attorney do an investigation on an anti-gun newspaper… Way better chance of seeing Obama swinging @ the end of a rope from the White House Flagpole…

  23. CAPT 259263 says:

    Doesen’t it seem strange that the second ammendment has all kinds of infringements, licensing, approvals, back ground checks etc. , etc. And the people who scream First ammendment have none, NADA, none. All we might get from them is an occasional  “OOPS”.

    • sandman4X4 says:

      @CAPT 259263
         that is so true Captain, the only way I know of to get in trouble for saying something, is to yell FIRE in a movie theater, that and if what you say could be a “hate crime”, these fools at this rag paper, should be found guilty of stupid thought law, and just being very ignorant, I believe they got off easy, no one was harmed or killed!

      • refurb001yy says:

        @sandman4X4  @CAPT 259263 No one has been hurt yet by their stupidity.  What happens when someone gets killed due to this story and information?

  24. Humpfarnarkle says:

    What a bunch if hypocrits……that ? newpaper ? had to hire armed security guards after publishing the names and addresses of people that were doing nothing illegal.  And since when is there anything wrong with being prepared to defend your family?

  25. OLDAD says:

    This is what happens to law abidfing citizens when we let thegovernment set conditions for exercising our Constitutional rights.  Sue the paper, and teh wreckless bureacrats that allowed this information to be leaked and abused.  They have violated your right to privacy as well a conspired to defraud you of your Constitutional rights.
    They should be taken out and hanged for their blatent stupidity and ignorance.  Wher is nanny Bloomberg now?????

  26. KeithCP says:

    The newspaper company is culpable for the resulting damages! Sue! I think 5 million might get their attention, I’m sure you lawyer can think of a lot of charges.

  27. rangers53 says:

    Can ANYONE believe this happened? I just read where those New Your idiots just passed the toughest gun control law this very day! Now how can this be happening?

    • refurb001yy says:

      @rangers53 Must be something in the air or water.  NO brains.  Guess the police can be everywhere at once.  Or maybe they are going to up the police budget and hire more patrolmen.

  28. COLVIN LANEY says:


  29. rangers53 says:

    OOPS! I meant New York; not New Your.

  30. JMR says:

    sue the hell out of them

  31. NHConstitutionalist says:

    Sue for harassment and punitive damages causing undue and harmful anguish to those 44,000 lawful gun owners. Any one directly effect such as robbery or physical harm as a result of the paper’s deliberate attempt to single out a  single group of people can also be a claim of undue prejudice and a violation of civil rights. if they are a minority get them on that to. I doubt in NY gun owners are in the majority.
    Nail that yellow rag 6 ways from Sunday. Sue them into bankruptcy and shut them down.

  32. wuzup40 says:

    A fund should be set up to help with his legal bills.
    It will be very hard now for him to leave without fear forever now.
    My house was invaded and robbed so I do know how he will cntinue to feel.
    And I never owned a gun until then but since have bought one, at least that gives me a bit more comfort.

  33. wuzup40 says:

    Opps…. mistake.    should have said It will be very hard for him to live.

  34. glockbiker says:

    As a Virginia resident, I don’t have standing but would contribute to a fund to sue the paper out of business.

  35. glockbiker says:

    As a Virginia resident, I don’t have standing but would contribute to a fund to sue the paper out of business. What a country we live in now!

  36. mt name is cathy says:

    I agree.  Good luck because he is fighting politicians also.

  37. Doug H says:

    Freedom of the press has its place; however, the press should be fully accountable for the pain they cause. In this case, the paper provided the names and addresses of gun owners and denied wrongdoing.  God have mercy on the paper if  an innocent resident is killed with a stolen weapon (owned by one of the identified owners on that list). I would hope — should such a tragedy take place — that the family would file a civil suit against the shooter and the paper for wrongful death, suing the newspaper back to conception.

  38. KenBarber says:

    The newpaper action is similar to yelling FIRE in a movie theater.

  39. fortuneteller43 says:

    If some newspaper was to reveal my name and address as a gun owner, who in their right mind would burglarized my home? I don’t see a negative in all this. If my home becomes a target, I get to see the sun come up in the morning—they don’t.

    • Kissitgoodbye says:

      @fortuneteller43 / You have to leave at some point. When you do… They’ll be there.

    • wuzup40 says:

       Hi Fortunteller43
      The main negative is now the bad guy knows who dont have guns and this makes them a much less risky target for crime againt them or property.

      • Steve says:

        @wuzup40  @fortuneteller43 no. the main negative is that now a “bad guy” who doesnt have a gun, knows what house to watch. And when the owner isnt home (because he watched him leave) he can go inside, find the gun. and leave. Now an criminal has just became an armed criminal.

  40. dbaker1961 says:

    Lets look at a different view…If I break into a house that the Journal calimed DIDN’T have guns, and the homeowner shoots me…Could the Journal be held liable? According to their report the homeowner had no weapons…???

    • refurb001yy says:

      @dbaker1961 Why would they break into your place when they know where to go and get guns.  Bet they sell for a pretty penny on the street.  Aside, NOW they have guns to shoot you with after hitting the first home with guns……  Makes sense to me….

    • KenBarber says:

       If the homeowner was a good shot, the Journal would have a story not a liable case.

    • refurb001yy says:

      @dbaker1961 Your fault for being stupid and breaking into someone’s home.  Maybe the law should start enforcing the laws to the maximum.  Do criminal have to pay the cost to repair damages to a home or for the lost items to the home owner?  No, the insurance company pays which means our premiums go up to cover the cost.  In all, we pay for the law breakers.

      • wuzup40 says:

        @refurb001yy  @dbaker1961
         They wont make the bad guys pay back the victims because the courts would rather fine them to fatten the coffers of the Court, city, state.etc. and screw the offended party.

  41. paynegil says:

    Absolutely! the Journal News while having the right to do what they did, they have a higher standard to not place the victim in harms way by making the homeowner a sitting duck for burglars.

  42. glockbiker says:

    I cant understand why New Yorkers allowed this.

  43. Brabado says:


  44. fortuneteller43 says:

    You really think so? It’s worth that much to them? Break windows, make noise, cut wires notifying alarm company, do all this not knowing someone is home waiting. Come on now. I’m sure they would rather burglarize a gun-less home.

  45. Ed says:

    That 70-year old law-abiding gentleman, and the tens of thousands whose names were released, should file a class-action lawsuit, and crush that paper out of existence!  A reporter’s “right-to-know,” even though biased, as all people are, carries with it, responsibilities!

  46. YO VINNIE says:

    Today, New York State passed some restrictions on gun purchases. What are the chances this band-aid will have absolutely no effect on the crime rates in NYC or any other city in the state? I heard an excerpt of his speech regarding the new restrictions and the first thing that came to me as I listened to this parasite was ^sshole.

  47. mcj5060 says:

    Start the legal action now.  By the time it gets to court (5 years??) there will be a bill in place protecting privacy.

  48. J Joy says:

    Definitely!!!  The First Amendment doesn’t exempt one from being stupid with their use of that right.  Legal action and a court siding with the victim should help stop ignorant liberals from this like of action – maybe!!

  49. Thunderbob says:

    I like how the Journal will print all the name in the paper, but when it comes down to putting a lawn sign saying “this house is gun free” they don’t want to do that! Someone should post all their names in blogs like they did to gun owners. Also, Eric Holder refused to put the sign on his lawn! This proves it not about guns ;it’s about power!

    • sandman4X4 says:

       eric holding would never do anything like that! it would be a lie, because we all now there are lots of guns on his property!

  50. guest says:

    The circumstantial evidence should be enough to convict the publisher. With no prior home invasions for the recallable past, and the fact that the criminals only went after the gun safe, can only mean that they found the address, and cased the house to see that no one was home before trying to steal the guns. The only conclusion is that the paper is responsible for the attack.

  51. Guest says:

    The Journal News in White Plains, New York, (as well as their lawyers!) should get ready for a major landslide of lawsuits.  The basis should be “endangering the safety of law biding citizens” in their online posting!

  52. EarlHudgins says:

    They should be held accountable…Too bad he was not home…this story would have probably had a different outcome and storyline.

  53. Blessings says:

    I’d sue. I’d also place a sign in my window of the address of the journalist who wrote this artical with these gun owners addresses and say ” this adress is a gun free zone”..

    • refurb001yy says:

      @Blessings Excellent retribution.  Watch the editors complain about that within minutes of its posting.  That witch deserves every bit of retribution.

    • Lee Baldwin says:

      I gotta wonder where the LAWYERS are!  Typically they come out of the woodwork to file legal action when they see a car wreck. This is a BUS WRECK!  It seems like every lawyer in the state would jump up and just start contacting these people whose addresses have been posted. If I were a lawyer I would send each a letter. I don’t know IF that is illegal or legal however, so that could be the problem. ~God Bless America-the land of the free!

  54. senseiande says:

    Absolutely. Not only should they sue but traditional America had better start taking action on all levels with all issues. If this does not begin to happen then the left will win this war for America. The left never sleeps and they rally around any cause – no matter how absurd. I know progressives that will back an issue to the hilt even when they know that I know they do not believe in it, simply because it is a smaller part of the agenda. Traditional America generally backs issues by discussing it with people of like minds and yelling at their television. This is a recipe for failure. The war for the heart and soul of America is being lost and if we don’t watch out we will all wake up one morning – soon – and be subjects of King Obama the first.

  55. JaymesB says:

    I believe the day has arrived when restitution should be paid twice by a caught, and convicted burglar. If they refuse, they are publicly executed. Also, those who aid and abet in any way, the criminal’s actions, should suffer the same consequences. It is a cowardly act by politicians to ‘rob’ the private and peaceful citizen the right to have the means of defending themselves and loved ones. This bent mindset has gone far beyond an insulting situation to the citizens….the actions of incompetent journalists, bumbling politicians, power-hungry authority figures and neighborhood thugs have proven to be deadly to a civilized people. Just like the manipulations of Al Capone in the 20’s & 30’s, these problems are created by the very forces that claim to be fighting them. It’s all a lie. Once the people awaken to our impotent ‘justice’ system and start metting out their own form of justice, the message will get through to our enemies that their harmony will be forfiet. I was always impressed with the Limburgh baby kidnapping in the sense that the kidnapper was executed. For ten years, there were no kidnappings in America. Only when the law was relaxed and compromised, did it start again. The sociopathic and psychotic animals walk among us more than ever now. Time to show them that redemption day is here again.

  56. Winghunter says:

    Sue the hoplophobe traitors out of existence!

  57. Antionus says:

    Just don’t buy anything from the Journal’s advertisers, ever again, until they pull their ad’s.  The only thing subversive lunatics at this rag understand is advertising dollars.  Take away their money and they will wither on the vine.

  58. WASP says:

    You can’t convince me that there isn’t a bunch of chit-ball lawyers in NY who would file a class action suit against the newspaper, the parent corporation,  and individual Officials of the rag.  Those greedy b@&!@&*$ would sue their own mother to make a buck.

  59. JohnFellie says:

    All of this claim to gun control so the bad guys can’t get guns is PURE  B  S  .The one and ONLY thing is about disarming and CONTROL OF THE POPULATION.Once that is done (and that will be a very cold day in hell) ovomit and his minions will claim himself dictator of the former U.S.If anyone thinks things are improper now they will NEVER get their head around the intrusion of ovomits world will have on citizens or might I say ( prisoner’s) because that is the one and only thing on his agenda. DISARM THE CITIZENS THEN SET UP HIS dictatorship.There is one and only silver lining in this
    insane idea of ovomits and that is WE THE PEOPLE  are going to stop this dictator wannabe before it ever see the light of day.

  60. PrevailingWind says:

    The Journal News should be held accountable in a class action suit for releasing this personal information for profit.  I hope it is … the ladies that allowed this should be held personally responsible also.  This was purely irresponsible journalism

  61. William Wallace says:

    Sue the newsrag and counter publish all their names and addresses as gun free zones.  Fight fire with fire.  And then some.

  62. dangerousman says:

    I whoeheartedly agree that the Journal News and the women and anybody else who had a hand in publishing the names of gun owners and their addresses SHOULD be sued in a class action lawsuit, taken to court and made to pay a high amount of money for their irresponsible publication of those names and addresses subsequently placing those people in danger of home invasions and whatever other crimes that could be committed against them due to this information.  There’s another article where these people went to all the homes of people from the Journal News to see if they would put a sign in their yard proclaiming their house was a  GUN FREE ZONE and they absolutely refused and more than one of them had armed guards at their homes to resist these people.  Talk about hypocrisy!!!  REMEMBER: NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS, REMEMBER FAST AND FURIOUS AND ABOLISH GUN FREE ZONES.

    • icetrout says:

      @dangerousman  & Benghazi,don’t forget the American blood on Obama’s hands from Benghazi…

    • Lee Baldwin says:

       same link as above.EVERYBODY NEEDS TO LEARN and KNOW THIS~
      ONE EVIL HUMAN by Steve Kroft – United Truth  PLEASE pass around to your friends and enemies. “We the People” should ALLbe on one side in this against the Soros machine. ~God Bless America!

  63. VicBailey says:

    They need to put that Socialist newspaper out of business, publishing false lies and propaganda for the Terriost in our Socialist government! They are playing the game Bama wants them to play, just like Hitler played in the same way! If a newspaper was on his side he left them alone but just like Lincoln and Hitler, they put papers out of business that disagreed with them. Before long Bama will be doing the same thing! Why can’t the people see the pattern that is falling in place? Semper Fi.

    • Lee Baldwin says:

       This link might explain WHY, VicBailey~ONE EVIL HUMAN by Steve Kroft – United Truth

  64. WalkingHorse says:

    18 USC 241 – Conspiracy Against Rights, is part of the civil rights code. Citizens have standing to initiate action.

  65. JJM123 says:

    And judging from the $2 million compensation the leader receives – they and her can afford to pay out on many suits.

  66. Greg137 says:

    Lawsuits  are one way to cook the liberals goose! The Left always goes for lawsuits, so if people sued the Left for a change maybe the Left won’t be so sue happy!! Nothing like being bitten by your own snake in the grass, when it comes back to bite you on the rump!

  67. Mom3 says:

    Include and go after the Board of Directors too!

  68. senseiande says:

    It is time for a Million Gun Owners March on Washington !!!

  69. jimmylu says:

    Deffinitly SUE  the newspaper and the writer.

  70. piolenc says:

    Yes – use the Left’s favorite tool against them. LITIGATE, LITIGATE, LITIGATE. In addition to this suit for causing a nuisance (by encouraging and abetting crime) there should be a class action suit by all the “outed” permit holders for defamation of character, as the article clearly implied that they were a threat to the community.

  71. violator1 says:

    I hope this gentleman sues the Gannet Company’s ass straight into oblivion! ? I wish for him success if he does sue! About 100 million ought to cover it nicely! Then he can sue the President of the Company, Chief editor, editor and all involved assistants and reporters for maybe 10 million each! I wish that rag would be forced into bankruptcy without the ability to recover!

  72. har82 says:

    I would think the suit would have been filed the day after the burglary.
    Fight fire ,, with fire.  We need to start holding these communists accountable ,,, for their anti American antics.
    And make no mistake , publishing those names was – ANTI AMERICAN – , Anti Bills of Rights – . PERIOD .
    They published those names  with the express intent ,, to create havoc , pain , and fear , for the people holding those permits. And I have no doubt ,, that had someone been killed ,, the Journal would have been just as happy with one less permit holder in the world. If in fact the permit holder had been killed during said burglary.
    People , label these communists journalists what they are … Plain and pure – EVIL – .. These types of people
    ( liberal journalists , just about all ,, of them ) , only care about – 1 – aspect ,, of Bill our Rights. 
    – THEIRS – , MEANING THE 1ST AMENDMENT … They could care less about what the rest of the Bill of Rights states ,, nor stands for.   TO ME  ,,, THAT IS   – ANTI AMERICAN – ,, on its face . You can not – pick and choose – , which parts of our rights you like ,, and don’t like.  IT IS ALL ,,, OR NOTHING.
    Without the 2nd ,,, there will be ,,, no 1st . The liberal communists in this country have for decades been trying to silence – us – with their  – fairness in broadcasting – bull s h i t . People  ,, the liberals have –  OWNED  – the media for the last 50 years with nary a word ,, from the right until Fox ,,, came along.  And they are not even really from the right . But they are ,, a hell of a lot more – fair and balanced – , than – ANY OTHER  MEDIA – in this country. ( with exception to- radio –  that is )  lol .
     And that one ( radio) is going to be another whole ball of worms if they can make that – fair – in their terms . Not to mention the – internet  – ,, which they are already clamping down on.
     The bottom line is ,,, they will ,, if they can have their way ,, – completely eliminate  – ,, any source of information that does not ,,, come from the WH , or the left .

  73. DavidPeacock says:

    not only must the media be sued;; THEY MUST PAY HUGE SETTLEMENTS;  BP was fined billions for being irresponsible in their business methods;; how is that different from the treason and aiding and abetting [obama] an enemy of the STATE?

  74. Fred says:

    i think the Assemblymen from Westchester County should be added to the suit after listening to him speak during the NY Gun Legislation process yesterday.

  75. Fred says:

    the Assemblymen from Westchester County should be added to suit after hearing him speak in support of the JN’s actions in front of the Assembly yesterday.

  76. Florida Jim says:

    There are far, fa too many lawsuits over foolishness in America. The lawyers led by Obama and holder are strangling business and the government with all their rigmarole, STOP IT! Some times you can be harmed and a lawsuit is not necessary.

  77. Dismayed says:

    Why can’t this opportunistic president and the federal government boobs leave the regulation of self defense weapons to the state were the real power to “govern” citizens belongs. This “outrage” is just another one of their scams in the overall plan to enslave the population. If they are truly worried about the safety of our children then they would have to ban automobiles; using their reasoning. I don’t know the stats on murders (with guns) in TN, but I bet they don’t exceed the deaths on TN highways last year (2012) which exceeded 1,000. I also want them to answer this simple question: “How will new laws (restricting law abiding citizens’ gun rights) prevent criminals and nut cases from killing people. If they truly believe that the new laws will stop the murder of children and innocents then they should be held accountable for any future heinous acts. This should include compensation from their own coffers and jail time as if they were the ones committing the act. This must also be put in writing! Only then will I believe that our esteemed law makers are convinced new laws to limit legal and responsible gun owners is the proper action to take. Do you think they will agree to do this?

  78. fortuneteller43 says:

    Just received a reply from someone who suggested that I am wrong about not worrying about a paper releasing information about my gun status. No one is going to go into any neighborhood, especially mine, and stand and watch until I leave (armed of course) then invade my house to steal my weapons. If anyone has to do that, then he/she has no money to buy a weapon which means ammo is much too rich for shallow pockets. Secondly, how sure would that individual be that no one else is home, and armed? How is I keep getting people who cannot understand basic psychology? Please, don’t interfere. I need the practice.

  79. easyride says:

    If you cannot have the ability to protect yourself and you family than you are no longer a citizen but are a subject !  Look at the histories of the so called civilized countries.  How many millions were killed because they couldn’t defend themselves against their governments. That’s why we have the second amendment.

  80. Eddy Fudd says:

    The “other” perpetrator was Mayor Bloomberg!

  81. SugarB says:

    If one cannot support one’s views and opinions with sound logic and solid data, then they resort to demonizing the opposition – name calling, making faces and laughing, even intentionally trying to hurt and bully the other side – the intellectual equivalent of a five year old. 
       The Journal News resorted to bullying,  They are lower than the killer at Sandy Hook.

  82. TedNowak says:

    Now its time for a new map… let them post a map of all the non gun-owners, with names and addresses. I’m a busy criminal, I don’t have time to cross reference the list of gun owner. For a safer work environment, I want a list of non gun owners.

  83. Bill Weston says:

    The power of the press is based on credibility just as any business thrives, or folds, based on the value of their products and service..Therefore any media outlet must be held accountable for their production. The question to be considered here is “publishing the list of gun owners journalism or propaganda?” The Freedom of Information Act makes gun ownership public information, however the reason that information might be published is “the rest of the story”. The burglary victim’s age suggests the he probably is on a fixed income. Thus his ability to seek recourse against “The Journal News” is likely limited. The White Plains Police Department deserves recognition for capturing a suspect in a timely manner, but that case is a seperate matter and does not resolve the alleged “tort” against the victim. Perhaps, a legal fund contributed by concerned citizens and gun owners could help the victim with legal expenses and send a message to the media about responsibility. Of course the decision to sue is the victims. Yes, The Journal News must be held accountable. Are “We, the people….” willing to help and hold the newspaper accountable?

  84. senseiande says:

    Everyone here is largely on the same page with regards to what is now happening..However, there is one problem that is undeniable. That problem is that the press controls the narrative. Since the media is largely a tool of the left, the message here is unlikely to get out in a meaningful way. Therefore we all are mostly making our points to each other without provoking a larger base. Our speeches will go unnoticed and our goal unrealized. 
     To have a larger impact it is necessary to approach the government in mass…Such as the Million Gun Owners March. The logistics of such an event would take a powerful organization to organize. The only current one capable of doing such a thing is the NRA. Unfortunately the NRA is spending their time and money attacking those on the left that have put this attack on our freedoms together….This of course will not work. The coverage by the media will simply spin the narrative to demonize the NRA and elevate those on the left to Sainthood, because after all they are doing it for the children.
     If they instead mobilized,rank and file, members of the NRA and those that are 2nd amendment advocates, in mass, to show up in Washington….it would be hard for the media to spin. It would also show the left that they are actually in the minority when it come to gun rights and it would terrify politicians. Traditional America has forgotten how to do such a thing. After decades of being shouted down and drowned out by the left it has left a perception that the country is actually occupied by 75 % liberal left. This is not true – they are simply the very loud squeeky wheel
     Flood the NRA with demands for such an event – it will have an impact and shut down the left in their tracks

    • JohnFellie says:

      @senseiande I hope others read your post,I feel that is one hell of an IDEA and your right the politicians are afraid of the population.The way they have been screwing the citizens for decades they should be afraid very afraid and that is the way it should be.

      • senseiande says:

        @JohnFellie and I truly believe that it is an idea that more people would respond to than could be counted. The traditional American has been stepped on for 40 years now. It has been a long time since John Wayne has had a voice. There is a silent majority that is aching for a way to scream out, stop this crap. To date the only group that has attempted such a move is the religious right. However, the varience of conflicting ideas within that demographic have made them ineffective and an easy target for the media. Gun owners , on the other hand all agree on one thing…the 2nd amendment is absolute…based on our founding documents it is not within the government’s power to either grant nor take away that right.
         If the NRA would simply step up and embrace such an idea I believe there would be huge masses that would respond. It is exactly the type of event that would allow those that have been silent to feel safe enough to say exactly what as been bothering them all these decades. It would give us one thing that has been lacking. That is the power to address our government as one, load voice , that could not be ignored….
         We have all been conditioned to mind our own business, lay low and shut up because the minute we speak, alone, we are branded as a nut case, racist, right wing wacko etc.
         It would be hard for them to brand a million or so that show up at their doorstep as the lunatic fringe. It would also be hard for the likes of NBC, ABC, MSNBC etc. to ignore it.
         It is simply using a morphed version of the strategy of Sun Tzu. When the enemy has a tactic that is devastating your troops, use their tactic to respond in kind.

    • WereAllScrewed says:

      @senseiande I am all for this idea.  I would drive from Florida to be part of the million man march.  I’ll be the one carrying the “IMPEACH OBAMA” Sign, for violating his oath of office to support the constitution!  His 23 “Executive Orders” to subvert the 2nd Amendment are 23 impeachable offenses !  Watch Rand Pauls interview on

  85. mt name is cathy says:

    I’m on your side.

  86. cliff261 says:

    I would say the other side also has a right to sue the Journal News. Because the criminals also know which homes are defenseless.

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