The Food Police V. Coca-Cola

Whenever I’m at a loss for what to write about, I simply go online, read the news and see what makes me the most angry. My ire is generally a good yard stick to measure the legitimacy of a story. Today is one of those days. I took to the web, and saw a headline about Coca-Cola’s new advertising campaign aimed at broaching the issue of Americans’ expanding waistlines. I was immediately annoyed, but I wanted to reserve my rage, and give the article a fair shot. Well…

According to the AP:

“The Atlanta-based company on Monday will begin airing a two-minute spot during the highest-rated shows on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC in hopes of flexing its marketing muscle in the debate over sodas and their impact on public health. The ad lays out Coca-Cola’s record of providing drinks with fewer calories and notes that weight gain is the result of consuming too many calories of any kind – not just soda.”

Later on, the article talks about Beyonce’s product endorsement campaign for Pepsi. When she signed the deal, critics bombarded Beyonce, saying that she either needed to donate the money she made to health-related charities or drop the Pepsi deal altogether.

Once again, the AP:

“Michael Jacobson, executive director for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, was skeptical about Coca-Cola’s ads and said the company would stop fighting soda taxes if it was serious about helping reduce obesity…’It looks like a page out of damage control 101,’ he said. ‘They’re trying to disarm the public.'”

First of all, good on Coca-Cola for mentioning that it is not the beverage that’s the problem, but rather the over consumption of it. Second, God forbid a celebrity sign an endorsement deal with a company that sells sugary beverages. I mean, how dare Beyonce! She is directly contributing to the deaths of Americans who are already within the inescapable–except through exercise, and moderate self-control–clutches of the sugary beverage cartel.

Ok, let’s get real. This is yet another nanny-state idea, concocted by Liberals who believe that we need to be policed. They think that by taxing soda, people will buy less of it. Maybe so, but I’m certain Americans will find a way to be just as obese as ever without soda.

You cannot police people into health. There’s something out there called self-control. It’s a little, not so commonly practiced idea about limiting your intake of crap, and maintaining a moderately active lifestyle, so that you don’t need to be removed from your house with a crane when you have your eventual heart attack. I was heavy once too. I know it’s really hard to resist soda and fat filled foods; but it is possible.

Coca-Cola has the right idea. It is not the beverage that’s the problem, it’s those with zero self-control–and very often emotional issues that need to be addressed. Very similarly to the debate about gun control, Liberals are trying their best to treat a symptom, rather than a cause. As a society, we are becoming more whale-like than ever, but let’s try to treat the cause, and maybe we’ll all be able to live healthier lives.



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  • Deborah Flynn

    FYI They should stay on top of the news. A very respected scientidic Medical group says Coke or Pepsi is a great cure for Bowel  obstructions without the need for expensive and life threatening surguries. Maybe they should push that

    • Randy G

      @Deborah Flynn that was in the early 1900’s.

  • wedey

    I am on my way to being 72.  I don’t get a flu shot and no one can remember me being sick for over 45 years, not even a cold.  I did have a heart attack about l0 years ago and did not even know I was having it. and was out of the hospital in less than 2 days with no ill effects whatsoever.  I have cut down now but up until a few years ago, you never saw me without a pepsi in my hand.  I always said that my pepsi kept me from getting any germs.  Some say I probably won’t live into my 90’s but I feel if I can live to be almost 72 with very good health then I guess I won’t mind dying a little earlier.  And up until about 2 years ago, I was playing volleyball every day for 3 months.  I no longer go to Florida, so I don’t play up north.  And I can outlast any of my grandkids to this day.

  • DocB2013

    Once again is anyone accountable for their own actions anymore
    No one is forcing people to drink soda at least not yet
    If u notice Ur getting fat stop eating and drinking crap. Go exercise
    But the reality is it requires work and some kind if self esteem or self worth to take care if ones body. It is way easier to go around and tell people u have a thyroid problem than it is to gave self control.

  • kushibo

    Soda taxes do act as a deterrent for over-consumption of empty calories (and soda calories are a disproportionate driver of obesity in the United States). Moreover, soda taxes help recoup the external costs in our health care system associated with the resulting health care issues, which include heart disease and diabetes. 
    Soda taxes are a fiscally responsible thing to do.

    • FlagMan

      @kushibo Bull Sh–
      What do you think the states do with the tax money
      Hint; it ain’t health care

      • Deborah Flynn

        They spend it on unions, welfare for useless people and benefits for illegal aliens

  • Randy Gaiser

    Sounds like everything is OK with the LIBERALS, just so long as they can TAX it. It appears that as long as they don’t get to tax us on something, that makes it bad for us, but when they can tax it that makes it alright.
    I never signed up for all of this protection from my elected officials and they can damn well stay out of my business.
    This is the same group of individuals that want to control how much pollution our vehicles emit while they are flying around the world, or restrict our use of electricity while they own 3 or more homes of approx. 6,000 plus sq. ft. to heat and cool. or tell us we can no longer buy a 100 watt incandecent light bulb.

  • Randy G

    Different drink affect different people in various ways. In my case, Caffeine in coffee gives me a bowel movement. Non caf coffee does not do the same I found thi out in a hospital- gave me non caf coffee for Diabetes & NO bowel movement until I got a cup of Regular coffee.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    all the little “Bloombergs’ seem to be coming out of the depths to tell everyone else how to live.

  • mcj5060

    Getting a liberal to accept personal responsibility goes against their religion in the Church of Not My Fault.

  • J Joy

    I’m afraid the liberals of the world will continue to try to regulate behavior by producing ignorant policy.  It just won’t work – it’s the taboo thing – when people are told they can’t have something, that’s when they will want it more.  Idiot liberals don’t understand psychology any more than they understand economics.

  • In Da No

    Ummm… Noticed the ABSENCE of one thing here! We have found that drinks (and other foods for that matter) that have been sweetened with artificial junk like aspartame, causes MORE obesity than real sugar! Caffeine is a problem only to a select group of people (I’m not one of them, but my wife was)! My opinion of people who have nothing better to do than to support a ‘domestic cause’ like telling ME what they want me to eat, drink, or use in cooking, need to get a real life! Always wanting to ‘help me see the errors of what I’m doing to myself’ without examining their OWN selves and what’s wrong with THEM! I drink grape, orange, and sometimes prune juice, but I also drink tea, lemonade, and soft drinks like cheerwine! Ain’t no liberal gonna tell me what to drink eat or how to be merry!!
    They want to get behind a ’cause’, get behind stopping Monsanto and ConAgra from genetically modifying our food! Their stuff will kill us faster than sugary drinks!! They have modified corn to be directly sprayed with Roundup!! Want to use ‘high fructose corn syrup’ from corn that’s been sprayed with Roundup?? Or how ’bout eating genetically modified SALMON!! Pepsi or Sprite is the least of our worries!!

  • Evermyrtle

    When I was growing up we all had chores to do , no TV, no soft drinks, no video games, no fat “chillen”   Nowadays, children guzzel super sweet sodas all day long while the play video games, when they are not in school. They need chores to do for a little exercise, and the sof t drinks rationed. I think in the years I was growing up, drank one soft drink.They were few avainble back then,60 to 70 years ago.

    • Randy G

      Several years back my sister lived in Yugoslavia for ma few years & the kids treats over there are 90% sugar.

  • Greg137

    It is our health, and it is our right to choose between healthy and non-healthy life..   A man that lives for health alone has no real happiness….  Better to live a  short happy, and free life, then be subjected to a form of slavery over a protracted life, and be miserable…   What is a llfe? A miserable little pile of insanity, and sorrow! But enough talk! Keep your powder dry!  I couldn’t resist…..

    • Randy G

      Like I always said, ” living is hazardous to your health.”

  • debdrs

    rumor mill gossip  – sorry
    I heard tell that pepsi and i think it was budweiser were going to combine their advertising time during football to attack coke.   Did this happen, or is it to happen?  Non football watcher, non soda drinker, so really do not care except for the WHY?

  • WilliamSpires

    About 60 years or so ago when shopping, one would find maybe one or two different kinds of bread, maybe two brands of cigarettes, mostly two brands of beer; the same goes for several kinds of candy bar, two cola drinks plus another couple of flavored drinks; today we have so many choices of everything that it boggles the mind, but with the current Gestapo mentality of Wash.d.c. government that is most likely about to change, government will soon tell us what to drink, what to eat and how much of each. We can only use a government endorsed light bulb, be monitored for the amount of carbon emission we produce when we breathe, use the toilet, drive our cars(not to mention the big push to black box our cars and be taxed for every inch we move it). When kids we used to say I want a “do over”, but the grownup world doesn’t get a do over so we had better wake up and kick all of the prima-donna, lowlife out of power to get off the chain-gang. That may be hard since we can’t even get an honest fair election since 2000, but we have to try.

    • Deborah Flynn

      @WilliamSpires Whenever the Democrats get involved we get less choice, more control and higher prices and taxes….all for our own good of coursse while Rome burns Obama dances with the Stars. You are right we need to get control of this coun try back but I have no idea how . Me personally I have made a comscious decision to no longer produce any income they can tax.I’m selling out cashing in and going out of NY as fast as I can. I have never felt less free in my life and I don’t own an assault rifle but I think Cuomo has way overstepped his bounds. I’d like him to spend a night in the bronx without his armed to the teeth security detail. What Hypocrites

  • DavidPeacock

    totalitarian, arrogant dictatorial egotistical ; tyrant ;; wake up America and move to impeach the scumbag…call your Representatives to join the brave patriot from TEXAS.

  • Evermyrtle

    Pepsi promotes homosexuality , big time.

  • medicinewolf


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