Biden Mocked Romney in 2012 for What Obama Does in 2014

Biden and Obama We just began bombing Syria on Monday. We’ve come to loggerheads with Putin’s Russia. We’re back in Iraq (though “no boots on the ground” still holds some dubious sway in Obama’s Middle East foreign policy). And it doesn’t seem like we ever really left Afghanistan, despite all the rhetoric about it. And yet, in the 2012 presidential election, these very possibilities and policies were being touted by Romney and being mocked by Joe Biden. Here’s what Biden actually said in 2012: And Read more [...]
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A Robot Wine Critic to Replace Human Wine Critics

wine critic and robots One of the major criticisms some have with wine tasters is that their tastes are hopelessly subjective. Recently, many studies have indicated that even the same wine critic can have significantly different perspectives on the same wine even over the course of a few minutes. And the label can have a big influence on this difference: French academic Frédéric Brochet tested the effect of labels in 2001. He presented the same Bordeaux superior wine to 57 volunteers a week apart and in two different Read more [...]
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Disgusting Pro-Abortion Poetry Claims Baby Died for Mother's Rights

aboriton kills In what may be the most disturbing poem ever written a Scottish poet tries to convince everyone that abortion is no biggie. However, her poem seems to argue the exact opposite... You can find the full lyrics to this disturbing poem here. Ben Johnson at Lifesitenews sums it up well... First of all, her daughter did not die for the “right to choose.” Her daughter was not sacrificed for the inalienable “good” of keeping abortion-on-demand legal (and, in the UK, taxpayer-subsidized). Read more [...]
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CNN Calls Democrats "the Party of Women"

liberal media CNN continues to play its role as lapdog for the Democrat Party. The latest example is host Candy Crowley's decision to tell her viewers that the Democrat Party is "the Party of Women." Forgetting the fact that almost half of American female voters vote Republican - Crowley's comments are simply part of the larger media effort to paint Republicans as anti-women for standing for our constitutional freedoms and fighting the evil scourge of abortion. The other outrageous thing about this video is Read more [...]
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Obamacare Adviser Advocates Everyone Die at 75

ezekial emanuel One of the advisers that Barack Obama tapped to help create the Un-Affordable Care Act is former Harvard professor Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel. According to his bio on the Center for American Progress website: “Ezekiel J. Emanuel is a Senior Fellow at American Progress and the vice provost for global initiatives, the Diane S. Levy and Robert M. Levy University Professor, and chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also an op-ed contributor Read more [...]
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CBS Refuses Commercial Containing Pledge Of Allegiance

proud usa flag What defines politics? More specifically, what defines what is, and is not "political?" Some things are inherently political, in that they relate directly to politics. Platforms, and issues that are regulated necessarily by law, and issues that affect our lives in a corporate sense are, by nature, political. But what about everything else? What is up for grabs? What have we unnecessarily made political? Some things have been painted with a coat of politics when they shouldn't have any political nature Read more [...]
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8th Grader Suspended for Sharing his Lunch

student lunch Government schools sure have an odd way of teaching kids. Last year, Mark Horne wrote about an incident in Florida where a 15-year-old student on a school bus was able to wrestle a .22 revolver away from a student who appeared as if he was about to shoot another student. Horne wrote that even though the police confirmed to the media that the handgun was loaded, the school still suspended the boy for three days for being “involved in an incident” that involved a weapon. Bear in mind that this Read more [...]
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MSNBC: Joe Biden Gaffes Are OK, Because That’s What Makes Him “Real” and “Authentic”

biden foot in mouth If you’ve ever watched sitcoms these days like Big Bang Theory or even dramas like House M.D., you’ll find out just how much our society really hates racial stereotypes and their corresponding jokes. What you’ll find is a never-ending fountain of racial and sexist jokes, one right after another. And yes, they’re funny. It’s the type of humor that you know you’re not supposed to laugh at, because your society tells you they’re bad, but you can’t help yourself. Contrast that with Read more [...]
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Liberals Ignore Religion Teach Tolerance Instead

Kids on Mobiles A new survey by the Pew Research Center shows that liberals think teaching tolerance to children is far more important than instilling religious faith, whereas conservatives think the exact opposite. Pew points to increasing political polarization as a reason for major divergence between conservatives and liberals on what to teach children. The survey extended to 12 different qualities in total, including responsibility, persistence, hard work and manners. Polarization apparently does not seem Read more [...]
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Daniele Watts, Race Baiting, and Crying Wolf

daniele watts race baiting Race baiting is ubiquitous in our day. It seems like everything is about race. Even when it isn’t. So the recent story about Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts just seemed like par for the course. She says she was kissing her husband in public—relatively harmless, I would say—but police were called, she says, because she is black and he is white. The police assumed she was a prostitute and apparently forced her into handcuffs after humiliating her publicly. That sounds horrible! Those Read more [...]
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Lois Lerner Says She is Not Worse than Jeffrey Dahmer

Lois Lerner In a puzzling issuance of high self-praise, the infamous former IRS director Lois Lerner has stated that she is definitively not worse than the anthropophagic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Congratulations! This came in a recent interview with Politico: Lerner said she tunes out the news reports centered on her. “I probably would have lost my mind if I had read it all, because your reaction when this happens is, ‘Wait a minute, let me explain to you what happened,’” she said. Instead, Read more [...]
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Obama Anti-Rape Effort is Actually Recruiting Cover for Left Wing Group

Obama Biden President Obama and Vice President Biden announced a new administration initiative to combat rape and sexual assault on college campuses Friday. While the campaign urges public participation, those who decide to sign on will forward their information to a liberal think tank. The campaign, dubbed “It’s On Us,” is being conducted in collaboration with over 200 universities around the country, as well as groups such as the NCAA and even the video game company Electronic Arts. Celebrities are Read more [...]
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