Democrats Playing Guard Dog for Jellyfish Boehner

Boehner jellyfish Why would Democrats agree to protect the Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, from his opponents in the GOP? That’s a really good question. Perhaps this explains it a little: A number of right-wing Republicans, long wary of Boehner’s commitment to GOP efforts attacking President Obama’s policy priorities, have openly considered a coup in an attempt to transfer the gavel into more conservative hands.But Democrats from across an ideological spectrum say they'd rather see Boehner Read more [...]
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FBI Statistics on Police Homicides Are Way Off

police homicides Apparently, the FBI statistics on police homicides, that is, the number of people killed by police, are way, way off: The first-ever attempt by US record-keepers to estimate the number of uncounted “law enforcement homicides” exposed previous official tallies as capturing less than half of the real picture. The new estimate – an average of 928 people killed by police annually over eight recent years, compared to 383 in published FBI data – amounted to a more glaring admission than ever Read more [...]
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How Ben Carson Destroyed His Presidential Hopes in Less than 60 Seconds

Ben_Carson During an interview with Shannon Bream of Fox News, Carly Fiorina—former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, and possible 2016 Presidential contender—said: "I'm not quite sure when we became a nation that believed that only professional politicians could run for office. It's not how we were founded. Ours was intended to be a citizen government." While I certainly agree with what Fiorina said, the reason America has become accustomed to professional politicians running for office is because politicians Read more [...]
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Government Report says Releasing Terrorists from Gitmo Will Lead to More Terrorism

gitmo prisoners The Obama Administration should probably start reading their own reports. If they did they might start developing new strategies to fight the war on terror. A recent report released by the Director of National Intelligence found that releasing incarcerated terrorists from the Guantanamo Bay facility would only lead to MORE terrorism. Sadly, this flies in the face of the Obama administration's stated desire to release all of the Gitmo detainees and close down Guantanamo Bay as a penal facility for Read more [...]
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Sheriff's Fight Back Against Marijuana Legalization

marijuana handcuffs Look, not everyone in America is for marijuana's legalization. Our Law Enforcement professionals seem to be disproportionately against the end of pot prohibition and they've begun organizing to fight back. In Colorado a group of sheriffs has banned together to try and bring an end to the legal trade of the drug in their state... On Thursday, a group of sheriffs announced that Colorado is facing yet another suit over its experiment with marijuana legalization.“Big Marijuana Read more [...]
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Ben Carson: Being “Gay” is a Choice

ben carson 2 In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Dr. Ben Carson voiced his opinion on homosexuality and gay marriage.I’m not sure that that was the best example to use to show that homosexual behavior is a choice. But his example of prison sex does show that those straight people obviously weren’t born homosexual. As Carson said, they went to prison straight and then left homosexual. Homosexuals would of course argue that those “converts” were in fact born gay, but they just didn’t know Read more [...]
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Houston Abortion Clinic Injures Five Women in Just One Month

ambulance Abortion is supposed to be “safe, legal and rare.” Except for the unborn child of course. It’s nothing more than an inconvenient mass of tissue, an uninvited parasite that doesn’t have a right to life.But unborn babies aren’t the only victims in abortions. Besides the mental problems that are invariably caused by abortions, there are also cases of physical injury or even death of the mother following a “botched” abortion.A Houston, Texas, Planned Parenthood abortion clinic injured Read more [...]
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The Direct Line Between Lobbying the DHS and Getting Defense Contracts

DHS palm greasing The top five contractors for the DHS, in terms of the value of defense contracts, spent millions on lobbying and political contributions to receive almost $9 billion worth of DHS contracts: MapLight looked into the contracts awarded by the DHS to the top 5 contractors and these contractors' political spending. These companies were chosen because they were the top recipients of DHS contracts between fiscal year 2011 and fiscal year 2014 according to USA Spending. The top 5 DHS contractors, between Read more [...]
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NYPD Comm. Bratton Blames NY Homicide Increases on Pot

Bratton pot Maybe NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has been toking on a little bit of the devil’s lettuce himself. I don’t know. But he apparently thinks a slight eight week rise in New York homicides is connected somehow to legalized pot: The seemingly innocent drug that's been legalized around the country. In this city, people are killing each other over marijuana more so than anything that we had to deal with in the 80s and 90s with heroin and cocaine. We just see marijuana everywhere when we make Read more [...]
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Bill De Blasio's Insane Islamic Ramblings

DeBlasio at UN The Bill De Blasio odyssey continues to get weirder and weirder. As the Mayor of New York grows ever stranger one has to wonder if our nation's most famous city will suffer for having elected him. On Wednesday, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that New York City schools will begin to observe the Islamic holidays of Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr.The official press conference accompanying the announcement was decidedly strange, with de Blasio and his retinue of New York public Read more [...]
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CNN says US Relationship with Israel is "Not Icy, It's Broken"

israel usa CNN's John King made some pretty insightful and honest remarks about our relationship with our ally Israel. This is the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Israel playing point/counterpoint -- essentially debating this -- one of the globe's biggest security challenges of the moment. That's what's so remarkable.This relationship, it's not icy. It's broken. It's broken, and the question is when the president says there's nothing new in the speech, you can Read more [...]
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Subsidized Green Industry Overrun With Fraud and Abuse

Green Energy Global warming fanatics always bring up the Koch brothers and their conspiracy to buy off the GOP, the tea party, and to get everyone to “deny science” so that the fossil fuel industry continues to profit big. If you question the dogma behind manmade global warming, then obviously, according to liberals, you’re a secret agent of the Koch brothers.What’s funny is that liberals think that when the right “denies science,” they’re only feeding corruption and excessive profits made by Read more [...]
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