80-Year-Old Vet Maced and Beaten by Police for not Getting Off his Tractor

wouded man An 80-year-old military vet and grandfather from Lone Jack, Missouri found himself getting maced and beaten on his own property by the local police for being on his tractor and not coming down when instructed to.The police encounter followed a confrontation between the 80-year-old Bill Swan and a utility crew he saw working on his property. Swan approached them and told them to leave his property. Apparently, they had been through this before with this man, and so they called the police.When Read more [...]
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Mom Sued Gun Shop for $6 Million After Fatal Gun Accident, Wins

pistol clips A Fulton County, Georgia mom sued the owner of the shop where she purchased her gun 14 years ago, following an incident at home where her 14-year-old son was accidentally shot and killed. She sued for $6 million and won.Breitbart reported: A Fulton County, Georgia, jury has awarded $6 million to a mother whose 14-year-old son was accidentally shot and killed when the boy's sister dropped a pistol on the dining room table.  The pistol belonged to the mother, Linda Bullard, who had purchased Read more [...]
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Missouri State Senator says St. Louis is in a "Race War"

Maria Chappelle-Nadal Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D-MO) had some very strong words about the grand jury's decision to not bring charges against Ferguson PD officer Darren Wilson.But right now my community is hurting. They are in pain. They have been in pain before Michael Brown. Having to look at Michael Brown’s body for four and a half hours, injured them more. I have constituents who have PTSD. I have constituents who have no hope. And tonight, when you listen to what [St. Louis County Prosecuting Read more [...]
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There is No Quick Fix for the Ferguson Fiasco

ferguson HISHE Following a grand jury decision Monday night, Ferguson is yet again wreathed in flames and roiling in discord. A grand jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson, so a mob of increasingly non-peaceful protestors decided to take it out on the city: Monday night’s destruction appeared to be much worse than protests after August’s shootings, with more than a dozen businesses badly damaged or destroyed. Authorities reported hearing hundreds of gunshots, which for a time prevented fire crews from fighting Read more [...]
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MSNBC Wonders if it's "Fair" for Officer Wilson to Lose his Job

toure MSNBC's Touré is usually a fairly useless liberal hack... but he actually managed to come up with a pretty good question during tonight's coverage of the Ferguson grand jury decision.Touré, MSNBC: We have unconfirmed reports from other news organizations that Officer Darren Wilson has been in negotiations to resign if he is not indicted. Do you think, sir, it is fair that this man may lose his job in the event that he is not indicted here?Read more [...]
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Stop Using Michael Brown's Corpse As Your Racial Mascot

looting Ferguson Michael Brown is being used as a racial mascot for anger, not for justice."Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one." - Benjamin FranklinNow comes the requisite Ferguson article. What can be said about this issue that hasn't already been said? How about this: stop looting, stop burning down buildings, stop harming innocent people, stop behaving as if you have no conscience, and no capacity to reason, and stop using this incident as an excuse to pretend like you care about Read more [...]
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Human Rights Campaign Spending Millions to Brainwash Southern Christians

Human-Rights-Campaign The Human Rights Campaign is not an accurate reflection of what the organization really stands for. They are not for human rights, but for the privileged rights of LGBT people. According to their website: “As the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, the Human Rights Campaign represents a force of more than 1.5 million members and supporters nationwide — all committed to making HRC's vision a reality.”“HRC Read more [...]
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Video: Funeral for a Frozen Chicken in a Grocery Store

frozen chicken An animal rights group in California held a funeral for a frozen chicken in a local grocery store in Berkeley.This is one of those videos that fall under the “what-in-the-world-did-I-just-watch” category. But this is a real group of people, and the video is not a parody, as much as it seems like one.You hear the group chant, “It’s not food; it’s violence.” And they talk about other things like the chicken’s family, it’s sisters and brothers and parents. “It’s not your Read more [...]
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Mike Brown Attorney: Cops Aren’t Charged When They Kill Black Kids

police african american The Brown family attorney remarked that he wasn’t concerned about officer Darren Wilson’s Constitutional rights being upheld; only those of Mike Brown, because when a cop shoots and kills a black person, the cop isn’t charged. So, Wilson will be given the full benefit of the doubt; he will be treated as innocent until proven guilty; and he will be granted his Constitutional right of trial by jury. The Daily Caller reported: Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Michael Brown’s family, said on Read more [...]
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The Dwindling Power of OPEC

American pipeline and OPEC As if you hadn’t noticed, gas prices are plummeting. You may have wondered why this is the case. There is really one main reason, and it is shaking things up for OPEC. The US is producing far more oil than it ever has before: Opec nations are producing about 200,000 bpd more than their agreed quota of 30m bpd, while demand for the group’s oil is expected to fall as low as 29.2m bpd next year, as more North American supply becomes available. To balance supply with demand would suggest that Opec Read more [...]
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Obama’s Political Individualism Could Hurt Hillary Clinton in 2016

obama and hillary clinton Following the midterm “repudiation” of Obama’s policies, he largely doubled-down on his unpopular agenda and moved forward with executive actions independent of the “hostile” Congress. But this political individualism may hurt the Democrats in general, and Hillary Clinton in particular, in 2016: Mr. Obama’s willingness to disregard the public’s wishes will hurt Mrs. Clinton in particular. The president’s former secretary of state is already struggling to forge an independent identity Read more [...]
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George Stephanopoulos asks Completely Legitimate Question of Obama Amnesty

criminal illegals Surprise, surprise liberal "journalist" George Stephanopoulos, asked a completely legitimate question of  President Obama about his amnesty plan! Not as shocking - President Obama chose to dance around the truth and pretend that his reasons for breaking our laws are more legitimate than other President's reasons might be...Stephanopoulos: "What about the argument, a future President comes in - wants lower taxes - doesn't happen. Congress won't do it, so he says 'i'm not going to prosecute those Read more [...]
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