Is Boehner Sidestepping the Constitution to Protect It?

US Constitution Boehner I don’t really understand it. In an unprecedented move, House Republicans (aside from five) carried the vote to sue President Barack Obama. Not impeach him. Sue him. What does that even mean? It’s never been done before, and for good reason. It’s ridiculous. John Boehner, the chameleon responsible for the lawsuit against Obama, offered his justification for the bizarre legal action: There must be accountability. We have a system of government outlined in our Constitution with the executive Read more [...]
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Government: Of the Money, For the Money, By the Money

In Gold We Trust Money Everyone loves the underdog. In fiction. In reality, whether or not people are routing for the underdog, they generally aren’t voting for the underdog. An infographic created by Jasper McChesney reveals that the candidate who spends the most money wins the election 91% of the time. McChesney looked at 467 elections in 2012 and came to the largely indubitable conclusion that American politics is not about conviction, rationality, worldview, trustworthiness, or any of those other earmarks of a Read more [...]
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Democrats Disgusting Impeachment Ploy

impeach obama sign   Two noted liberals, Chuck Todd and Nate Silver, both expose the ridiculous nature of Democrat concerns about Republicans possibly impeaching President Obama. First, Chuck Todd on the shame both parties should feel. And now Nate Silver, formerly of the New York Times on who is really "obsessed" with the possibility of impeachment...         While we may agree that Obama sucks and should be removed from office... it looks like it's the Democrat Read more [...]
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MSNBC Host Says No to Obama Amnesty!

Ed Schultz

Surprisingly MSNBC host Ed Schultz has come out against Obama’s plan to grant amnesty to America’s illegal immigrant population.

It may be that his union bosses fear what the added worker competition could do to their power, even so it’s nice to see an MSNBC hack come out against Obama on something.

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Liberals File Lawsuit Because Police Fitness Test Passes More Men Than Women

woman pullup "The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is." - Winston Churchill Our culture has become so terrified of gender distinction that we have gone out of our way to homogenize the differences between the sexes. Rather than celebrating the strength of our differences, we are condemning any and all distinction between men, and women. Much of this forced amalgamation is due to liberal philosophy. The funny thing is, the left harps on multiculturalism Read more [...]
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Texas Crime Rates Soaring Due to Illegals

illegal-immigrants-take-over-texas-town-featured I have a lot of family and friends in Arizona, where I lived for 36 years, who have told me about the increase in crime from the Phoenix-Mesa metropolitan area south to the Mexican border. Auto thefts, home break-ins, vandalism and assaults have steadily increased with the increase in the number of illegals crossing the border. Many ranchers in southern Arizona are constantly armed and even keep loaded weapons within reach of their beds at night. I know of several ranchers that have put motion detectors Read more [...]
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Video: The View Comes Out in Favor of Guns for Women

woman handgun This segment of The View started off with a really stupid gun control ad put out by Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety. You can watch the ad here: As you can see, it’s actually more of an ad for gun ownership. The lady calls the police, but because she doesn’t have 10 or 20 minutes to wait, her call does nothing. What she needed was a gun for herself. Especially since she had an abusive ex-husband with a restraining order against him who obviously didn’t care about the gun control Read more [...]
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No Whites Allowed: Black "Concerned Citizens" Try to Bar White Guy from Teaching Cultural Studies

concerned citizens Peter Beck was just hired by the Fresno Unified School District in California to be a cultural studies teacher at a new middle school set to open in a few weeks. He apparently has a decade of cultural studies teaching experience, including African-American, Chicano, and Southeast Asian studies. Oh yeah, and he’s white. This poses a problem according to local black leaders and other members of the community who are protesting his hiring. How can a white male adequately teach students about Black, Read more [...]
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Hamas Kills Own Citizens, Blames Israel

syrian-terrorists The world media has joined Hamas in trying to shame Israel for protecting itself... but Hamas may have recently "jumped the shark" when they accidentally killed many of their own people and then tried to blame the destruction on an Israeli attack. Fortunately for the world, Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati was in Gaza and was able to get confirmation from witnesses that the Al Shati "massacre"  was actually caused by a Hamas rocket that was misfired.   Almost immediately Barbati's Read more [...]
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Ohio Next to Repeal the Common Core?

commoncore Could Ohio be the next state to save it's children from the horrors of the Common Core? It looks like it could happen... Lawmakers in the state of Ohio are mounting a late effort to have their state join the growing exodus from Common Core multistate education standards. A new bill would mandate the immediate abandonment of Common Core and the implementation of brand new standards. Ohio, like many states, chose to start the switch to Common Core about four years ago, encouraged in part Read more [...]
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Washington Post Slams Israel For Hamas' Evils

israelpalestine " base the Palestinian national movement since its inception in 1920 has not been about the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state but rather the destruction of the Jewish state or earlier the prevention of the establishment of a Jewish state and so it remains to this day which is why the PLO has consistently refused statehood every time it has been offered them since 1993." - Caroline Glick, author of The Israeli Solution The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an ever present topic in politics. Read more [...]
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‘Obama Will Take Care of Us’ Mantra of Illegals

illegalimmigrantkids If there was any doubt that the huge flood of illegals crossing into the US is not a direct result of Obama’s promise of amnesty and welfare, think again! Border Patrol agents working the border are hearing the same thing over and over again from the thousands of illegals they managed to detain. Chris Cabrera, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307 spoke about the mantra that all of the illegals are repeating: “I don’t usually get into the political part of it, Read more [...]
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