Gun Grabbing Michael Bloomberg is still Eyeing a Presidential Run

bloomberg guns Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered his advisers to “draw up plans” for an independent presidential run thanks to continued strength of Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders, The New York Times reported Saturday. According to the Times, Bloomberg is now seriously considering a run in a way he hasn’t before, thanks to chaotic nomination races that threaten to overthrow the establishment candidates of both major parties. Bloomberg has reportedly told his allies that if Trump Read more [...]
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Big Blizzard Knocks Out Power to the Northeast!

winter-storm-jonas-1000 A massive blizzard has knocked over power lines, leaving tens of thousands of Americans across the eastern seaboard without electricity. As of 10:40 a.m. Saturday, Winter Storm Jonas had left about 100,000 people in New Jersey in the dark. New Jersey has been buried by about a foot of snow since Friday evening, and more is expected. Lots of traffic and heavy flooding was also reported across the state as well. New Jersey isn’t alone. Thousands more Americans in other eastern states have Read more [...]
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Obama's says Obamacare is Great!

obamacare burning President Barack Obama gave another of little speech this week and once again he tried to tell the American people that everything  was just fine. Sadly, the President is wrong. Obamacare has wreaked havoc upon our healthcare system and it has wrecked the financial security of thousands of Americans. But hey... the President says everything is awesome. When I took office seven years ago this week, more than 15% of Americans went without health insurance. For folks who did have coverage, insurance Read more [...]
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Donald Trump Blasts Iconic Conservative Newspaper for Standing Against Him!

trump finger The National Review took a hard stand against Donald Trump's liberal policies this week and now they're facing his wrath. On Friday the GOP frontrunner countered by arguing that the National Review was a "dying paper" whose circulation was "way down." "The National Review is a dying dying paper. It's circulation is way down. Not very many people read him anymore. People don't even think about The National Review. I guess they want to get a little publicity. But that's a dying paper. I got to Read more [...]
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Ouch. Chris Christie Vetoes "Stupid" Democrat Bill!

ChrisChristiePointing640 New Jersey Gov. and presidential candidate Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would mandate schoolchildren receive at least 20 minutes of recess every day, saying the law is “stupid.” The vetoed bill would have applied to students from kindergarten up through fifth grade. Although put forward by a Democrat, it enjoyed bipartisan support, but Christie wasn’t won over. “Part of my job as governor is to veto the stupid bills. That was a stupid bill and I vetoed it,” Christie said during Read more [...]
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West Virginia Ends Union Rule - Chooses Right to Work

union-violence The West Virginia Senate passed a measure Thursday to outlaw mandatory union dues and fees as a condition of employment. The Senate approved the bill with a 17 to 16 vote before sending it to the House of Delegates. The measure was introduced Jan. 13 on the first day of the 60-day legislative session. The policy has been a Republican priority since the party secured the legislature in November 2014. It is more commonly known as right-to-work. “I believe this is a critical first step toward Read more [...]
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Ohio Governor Calls Trump "Prince of Darkness"!

John Kasich2 Ohio Governor and GOP presidential candidate John Kasich (R-OH) recently called Donald Trump the "Prince of Darkness"! That would have been bad enough but Kasich didn't stop there... he then doubled-down and called himself the "Prince of Light"! I think first of all, I have the experience and I’ve had success and I’ve been a reformer all lot my life. You can’t come from the [inaudible] rocks as you know Hugh, and not be a reformer, and I have a message – look, we have a lot of candidates Read more [...]
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Feds give away $64 Million in Welfare without Background Checks!

welfare state Social Security Administration employees handed out $64 million intended for low-income Americans, but the officials ignored recipients’ earnings – a problem that could have been corrected a decade ago, according to a government watchdog. The Supplemental Security Income program is meant to support low-income earners, but federal officials often failed to consider how much recipients actually earned, according to a recent report by the SSA’s inspector general. The IG previously reported Read more [...]
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Watchdog Proves that Government Agency has been Lying about Climate Change Data!

climate science cartoon A non-profit watchdog group’s lawsuit against the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration may have spurred the agency to release documents to a congressional committee that reveal a “new climate data scandal.” Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit Dec. 2, 2015, against NOAA “regarding methodology for collecting and interpreting data used in climate models,” the group said Tuesday. The House Committee on Science, Space and Technology subpoenaed the Read more [...]
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Ted Cruz Kicks Liberals to the Curb with 'Apology' for his 'New York Values' Comment

Trump Cruz During Thursday night's Republican debate, there was a contentious exchange between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, in which Cruz accused Trump of holding "New York values." Bristling at such an accurate accusation, Trump used 9/11 as a shield. Trump's acolytes applauded, and Twitter erupted with 9/11 dedication memes--because we all know Ted Cruz hates the victims and heroes who died on 9/11. Trump's shamefully obvious dodge was apparent to some--people with brain matter. But the world is cruel, and Read more [...]
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Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty Endorses… Ted Cruz for President!

Cruz and Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson   Pop culture icon and patriarch of the Robertson family from TV’s Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson has just announced who he’s supporting for the next Commander-in-Chief, and it’s sure to stir up some conversation and debate. On Wednesday, the Ted Cruz campaign announced that Phil Robertson had decided to endorse Cruz for President. From the Cruz Campaign: “My qualifications for President of the United States are rather narrow: Is he or she Godly, does he or she love us, can Read more [...]
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The Russians Can Prove that Turkey and ISIS are Working Together!

oil-field-sunset-ap Russian intelligence claims it has video evidence implicating Turkey in ISIS oil smuggling. The video taken from a reconnaissance mission supposedly shows a convoy of almost 12,000 oil tankers sitting on the Turkey-Iraq border making its way into Turkish territory. Additionally, the video appears to show the convoy coming under fire from aerial bombardment. “The [aerial] imagery was made in the vicinity of Zakho (a city in Iraqi Kurdistan), there were 11,775 tankers and trucks on both sides Read more [...]
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