Jay Carney Admits - Obama Doing what He Believed was Unconstitutional

lawless obama Jay Carney was on CNN after President Obama's Executive Amnesty speech on Thursday night when he had a tough time explaining how it is that President Obama could move forward with Executive Amnesty when he was once so sure it was Unconstitutional.CNN's Anderson Cooper asked Carney rather pointedly, "Other than his frustration, what has changed? I mean, he’s a constitution scholar. What has changed that allows him to do this?”Ooph. Poor ol' Jay! Read more [...]
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Grossest Thing Ever? Rosie O'Donnell Picks her Nose and Eats it on Live TV

rosie odonnell

As if Rosie O’Donnell couldn’t be more revolting… this week on her show The View she demonstrated the most disgusting thing she’s ever done at work for the entire world.

She picked her nose and then ate the contents on LIVE TV.

I kid you not…

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Amnesty: Obama Abandons African American Community

defeat amnesty The African American community does not benefit from Obama's executive order. "Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both." - John F. Kennedy A keen and noble mind can see the farthest distance. It is the long term view that enables one to make accurate projections, and predictions that—among other things—aid in the avoiding of poor decisions. But the good decision making of a keen mind can be overruled by something much more powerful Read more [...]
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University Demands to Know Students’ Sexual Activities in Order to Enroll for Classes

FAU Public education at all levels is becoming increasingly liberal and personally invasive. Many public schools are teaching sexual promiscuity to kids as young as 10 to 12 years of age and kindergartners are being taught that homosexuality is normal and something to be explored. Kids are taught not to tell their parents about their sexual activities and how to bypass parents and the legal system to get abortions.Some public schools have been having their students report on how many guns are in Read more [...]
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Illinois Bakery Owner Shoots at Robber Armed with Toy Gun

handgun 2 The Illinois baker had no idea that the robber was in possession of a toy gun. It was apparently a large gun, according to the police chief, but it was only a replica.NBC Chicago reported: A bakery owner in Calumet city, south of Chicago, shot and wounded a robber on Tuesday after he and his employee were forced to the back of the shop. The owner of Cal City Bakery, which opened for business in February, said he bought the weapon for protection but never thought he'd have to use it. "I just Read more [...]
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Bill Nye: Buffalo Snowstorm Caused by… Global Warming

buffalo snow The Buffalo snowstorm is not permitted as evidence of global cooling, but it proves global warming.We’re not allowed to use any kind of local weather event as evidence against the idea of manmade global warming. However, the rules created by the political and media elite dictate that local weather events can and should be used to prove without a shadow of doubt the idea that humans are creating global warming by driving cars and burning coal. Good weather and bad weather are both evidence for Read more [...]
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Study: Air Dryers More Unsanitary than Paper Towels

Air Dryers A study by Leeds University paid for by the paper industry (hmmmm) indicates that the air around air dryers is 27 times more saturated with bacteria than the air around paper towel dispensers. Apparently, if this study is to be believed, air dryers just blow bacteria-laden water into the air, atomizing airborne germs: Air bacterial counts close to jet air dryers were found to be 4.5 times higher than around warm air dryers and 27 times higher compared with the air when using paper towels.Next Read more [...]
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Immigration Proclamation is More Politics Than Compassion

soapbox immigration Obama just made an immigration reform move to ensure that Hispanic voters show up for the Democrats in 2016, and Republicans will have little capacity to do anything about it. Why Hispanic voters are okay with being political pawns is beyond me, but they will join feminists and African-Americans as demographics that the Democrats have successfully courted through carefully crafted political posturing.It has long been the case that politicians utilize demographic opportunism to try to garner votes Read more [...]
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Another Reason Jeb Bush Should Not be the GOP Candidate in 2016 - He Loves the Common Core

jeb bush Jeb Bush has designs on the White House in 2016. For many in the GOP Establishment, Bush has the inside track on the nomination and that should be disturbing for the rest of us.The former Governor of Florida was given a perfect opportunity to finally turn his back on the abomination that is the Common Core... instead Bush chose to do just the opposite. He reaffirmed his undying support of the horrific education scheme and for many of us, killed his chances to earn our vote. Former Read more [...]
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Reverend Tries To Compare Radical Islam to Christianity

islamist protestors beheading Radical Islam is far more pervasive in Islam than defenders want to admit. "The truth is that ISIS is to Islam what the KKK is to Christianity. It is long past time for those Christians so busy beating up Muslims with their Bibles to go re-read the part where Jesus called us to love - not to demonize - our neighbors." - Reverend Susan Russell I've been writing a lot recently about the politically correct blindness that has consumed our culture regarding the pervasiveness of radical Islam. More, Read more [...]
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Republicans Respond to Obama's Executive Amnesty Speech

obamaking Rep. John Boehner took some time before President Obama's speech to prepare the world for what was to come.Here's how McConnell responded afterward...Read more [...]
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New Gun Laws Force Museum to Remove Historic WW2 Guns

gun-law-museumjpeg In November, Washington state voters passed Initiative 594. The initiative greatly expanded the state’s background checks to include all private gun sales and transfers. It even calls for background checks for when a grandfather passes one of his guns down to a grandson. The extended background checks also cover firearms donated to museums and institutions. The only exception is for guns manufactured prior to 1898.The new law is already affecting at least one historic museum, the Lynden Pioneer Read more [...]
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