Turkish Women May Not Laugh in Public

sad Turkish women A minister from Turkey’s conservative Muslim government outlined in some detail what he thought Turkish women must do in order to be chaste and honorable Muslims. Or, more specifically, he outlined what Turkish women must not do. According to this minister, chastity involves not showing off your beauty (i.e., wearing a head-to-toe black sack) and not laughing in public. That’s right. Good Turkish women don’t laugh in public. After hearing things like this, I can’t imagine this advice will Read more [...]
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Anti-Faith Center for Inquiry Fights for “Safe and Secular” Healthcare

center for inquiry According to the Center for Inquiry, good health care is beset by ignorance—the ignorance of faith and the ignorance of the anti-scientific (with apparently a great deal of overlap): 1. The imposition of religious dogma on health care, resulting in limited access to and even the denial of medical services; 2. The shameless marketing of sham remedies, sold as “natural” or “traditional” cures, often accompanied by the rejection of scientifically proven treatments. According to the website Read more [...]
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Taxes Force Businesses Overseas

cut-taxes Our business friendly climate made our country great. We became the world's lone superpower thanks mainly to our dynamic and flexible economy... and that economy was born out of a low tax, low regulation society. But times they-are-a-changing... Today businesses are fleeing our psuedo-socialist taxes for friendlier climes and it's hurting our bottom line.   U.S. Tax Code Causes Businesses to Flee Overseas Free-market advocates say Treasury Secretary Jack Lew wants to treat the Read more [...]
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Conservatism is the "New" Punk Rock

cruz Remember when Republicans were the party of old, stuffy white people? Ok. It still kind of is... but we're growing an edge. The liberals are led by dinosaurs like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Conservatives are led by folks like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and so many more. Liberals are old and stale and saying the same old things. Conservatives are young, fresh and full of ideas. We may be on the cusp of something great...   Conservatism Read more [...]
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Illegal Kids to Further Bankrupt American School Districts

illegal kids in school Barack Obama has been telling us that he is planning on deporting the thousands of illegal alien unaccompanied kids back to their home countries. Yet, it seems that at least 30,000 of them are to be placed into the public school system throughout the US. Earlier this month, the Obama administration announced that 30,340 foreign youths and children have already been placed around the US. At the time, the report also stated that there were another 4,280 still remaining in Texas near where the illegals Read more [...]
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Oh, The Irony: Obama Says Nation Without Law Will Fall

law exempt "Regardless of the resources a country possesses, regardless of how talented the people are, if you do not have a basic system of rule of law, of respect for civil rights and human rights, if you do not give people a credible, legitimate way to work through the political process to express their aspirations, if you don't respect basic freedom of speech and freedom of assembly…it is very rare for a country to succeed...I will go further than that: that country will not succeed over the long term...It Read more [...]
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Boston Police Chief: “Nobody in the City Needs a Shotgun; Nobody Needs a Rifle”

police man For a while, the “debate” has been about how many rounds of ammunition are allowed to be in a gun magazine. “No one needs ten bullets to kill a deer!” And that fight is still going on, but here we have Boston’s Police Commissioner Bill Evans taking it a couple steps forward and claiming that residents in his city don’t even need shotguns or rifles. It seems that he thinks that no one needs a long gun to kill a deer. In an interview with Boston Public Radio, he outlined his stance on Read more [...]
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Michelle Obama Denounces Money in Politics; Asks Donors for a "Big, Fat Check"

michelle obama hand upraised When liberals bemoan money in politics, they don’t actually mean all money. Just the money that goes to support the other team. They’re perfectly fine with taking large donations for themselves from rich liberals and organizations. In fact, they depend on it. That’s just the reality of politics today. No one’s holding public office these days out of a sense of altruism and love for country. Save for maybe a handful of politicians, no one cares about this country. They care about themselves. Read more [...]
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Atheist Richard Dawkins Defends “Mild” Pedophelia

Richard Dawkins Atheists like to talk a good game about morality in a God-free world. But consistent atheists recognize that morality in an evolving materialistic universe is relative and arbitrary. Richard Dawkins, famed apologist for atheism and Darwinism, just proved this point most spectacularly when he defended what he called “mild” pedophelia: In a recent interview with the Times magazine, Richard Dawkins attempted to defend what he called “mild pedophilia,” which, he says, he personally experienced Read more [...]
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Utility Companies Propose Taxes for Solar Power

solar power As solar power becomes cheaper and more widely implemented, utility companies across the country are feeling the squeeze. And they’re fighting back with local taxes and user fees to recoup some of their losses. The most recent cases in Wisconsin and Utah involve private, individual solar power grids that are running on a net metered basis—excess electricity from solar power is available to local neighbors in a grid. In other words, net metered houses are using less electricity than they are Read more [...]
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Israel Takes on the Planet

Steven Crowder Israel VS Steven Crowder recently made a spectacular video outlining the history of Israel in just under 4 minutes.   Once Crowder released his video, the Twitter trolls came out en masse to harass the conservative funny man.     Truth from Mr. Steven Crowder. Read more [...]
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The Death of Free Speech?

free speech Over at Eagle Rising they’ve covered many of the attacks on free speech that have taken place in Great Britain over the last year, but one wonders if we really understand the depth of the danger we face. The war on free speech didn’t happen overnight, and Britain didn’t slide into speech fascism suddenly. The problem has been steadily growing and eroding freedom as it moved. It’s as much a cultural issue as it is a political one, too. Sure, the liberals in England (as in the USA) have Read more [...]
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