Black Teacher Says Racist Graffiti Caused Her PTSD & Inability to Work

cgardner If I had a dollar for every time I heard a teacher tell a student that sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you, I’d be a wealthy man. As kids, we were all teased and called names and made fun of by someone and yet most of us turned out okay. But one Massachusetts teacher is going against the age old teacherly advice and claims that names have hurt her so much that she is no longer able to teach and is demanding the school pays for her medical treatment and disability. Meet Read more [...]
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Community Organizers with “Stop the Violence” T-Shirts Beat Man Unconscious

Two “Stop the Violence” community organizers in Washington, Pennsylvania were arrested earlier this week for beating one of their roommates unconscious. The victim was beaten so severely that he had seizures in the street where the beating took place, and he vomited blood. He’s still in the hospital recovering. One of the suspects was wearing her “Stop the Violence” t-shirt. How ironic. The Associated Press reported: Nikole Ardeno and Emanuel Velez, both 30, accused their former roommate Read more [...]
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TSA Confiscate Belt Buckle…for National Security, of Course

space gun belt buckle The TSA confiscated a traveler’s belt buckle, because it was shaped like a gun. Their argument was that if this traveler pointed the belt buckle at a cop, the cop might mistake it for a real gun and have to “take action” against him. Believe me, it wouldn’t take much to get a cop to shoot you. You could point your finger at a cop, and he’d shoot you, claiming he thought you had a gun. Traveler Sean Malone was late to a flight out of Los Angeles and didn’t have time to argue with the Read more [...]
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Senator Mary Landrieu thinks Democrats and Obama are Unpopular in Louisiana Because of Racism

Mary Landrieu This is probably not the best way for Senator Landrieu to win reelection... “To be very, very honest with you, the South has not always been the friendliest place to African-Americans. It’s been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a positive light as a leader. It’s not always been a good place for women to be able to present ourselves, it’s more of a conservative place.”   Read more [...]
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Study Shows that Senators Udall and Hagan Voted with Obama 99% of the Time!

liberals Throughout his Colorado Senate campaign, GOP challenger Cory Gardner has said that his opponent, incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, voted with President Obama 99 percent of the time. Udall tried to refute the charge by calling himself an independent Democrat who regularly stands up to the White House. But a new study by CQ Roll Call backs up the Gardner campaign’s claims. According to Roll Call, there were 120 votes during the last session in which Obama urged his supporters in the Read more [...]
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Laura Bassett's HuffPo Lies about Governor Scott Walker

Scott Walker Liberals have an ability to parse words, and phrases in such an exacting way as to get their desired outcome without ever needing to reference concrete facts, or data--it's nearly supernatural. This ability has been used brilliantly by Democrats, and even more effectively by their media drones to convince the American people that the Democratic Party is the Party of the people, and that conservatives are vile, xenophobic, misogynistic trolls. The Huffington Post is particularly, and frequently Read more [...]
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Democrats’ Desperate Measures to Steal Elections

calibration-error- The Democrats seem to be in more of a panic mode than ever going into the 2014 midterm elections. There are a number of reports of intentional voter fraud or illegal voting practices by Democrats that indicate what extreme measures they are taking to ensure they win their elections. First there are the reports that voting machines used for early voting in Illinois were automatically switching Republican votes to Democratic. Jim Moynihan, an Illinois State Representative and a Republican recounted Read more [...]
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North Carolina Bans Guns at State Fair; Two People Get Robbed at Gunpoint

weapons prohibited Without guns at state fair, people get robbed. A judge had ruled against allowing firearms at the North Carolina state fair, and what do you know, a couple people ended up getting robbed at gunpoint. Apparently, North Carolina had just passed a law that expanded concealed carry rights, and some argued that the judge violated that law by prohibiting concealed carriers from being able to defend themselves. Whether their local law was violated or not, what we know for a fact is that the 2nd Amendment Read more [...]
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2 Students Suspended for 10 Days for Posting Facebook Photo with Airsoft Guns

Students suspended for their hobby. Two high schoolers in Massachusetts have been suspended for 10 days and are facing expulsion for a naughty Facebook photo they posted involving airsoft guns. The picture featured Tito Velez and his girlfriend Jamie Pereira posing in what looked like someone’s living room, each holding an airsoft rifle pointed at the floor. The caption read “Homecoming 2014.” School officials are saying that it was the caption itself that had them concerned. The picture Read more [...]
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Only 4 Days Left to Save America

vote2 Attention Christians & Jews who love America, We have 4 days until the mid-term elections. We have created a special set of voter guides [] that need to be distributed to churches and synagogues across the country leading up to next Tuesday. Our goal is to get 10 - 20 million of these guides distributed. Why? Most Capitol Hill Republicans and Democrats shamefully cooperate to DEBT-FINANCE and SUBSIDIZE anti-Semitism, abortion, mandatory Read more [...]
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Really Shocking Revelation: Tim Cook is Gay

Tim Cook iGay I hope you read the sarcasm in my headline. I thought it was quite obvious that Tim Cook, the CEO for Apple, was a homosexual. But in case you were in doubt, he cleared up any confusion in a recent declaration: While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven’t publicly acknowledged it either, until now. So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me. “One of the greatest gifts God has given me”? Why did he think it was necessary Read more [...]
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Study: Twitter Has Made Journalists Rude

Twitter snark Apparently journalists used to be very polite and respectful toward politicians and celebrities. And now, apparently thanks to Twitter, they feel free to be short and rude: The study from the University of Texas looked at 5,700 tweets from the first 2012 presidential debate. It found a wave of insults and snarky comments from reporters. . . . But it concludes that Twitter journalism has helped give the nation a better perspective on politics, snark and all, as reporters reveal their criticism Read more [...]
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