Are Liberals Racist Because They Protect Obama?

racecard A frequently employed tactic used by the left to protect, and defend their candidates is to question the motives of their opponent's critiques. However, because the left cannot backup their claims regarding the motives of their opponents with any specific evidence, or anecdotal examples, the liberal media, and leftist politicians will rather just aggressively suggest Ill motives on the part of their opponents until it becomes part of the mainstream narrative. This relentless and aggressive suggestion Read more [...]
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Majority of Americans Don’t Trust the Media

tv remote Gallup just released a poll that shows America’s distrust of media is yet again at an all time high. Sixty percent of those surveyed said that they have little or no trust in the media to report news fully, accurately and fairly. Most of those critical of the media identified as republicans. Conversely, and not surprisingly, those most trusting of the media identified as democrats. Here’s Gallup:  After registering slightly higher trust last year, Americans' confidence in the media's ability Read more [...]
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Respondents Can’t Name Three Branches of Government

3 branches A majority of people might not trust the media, and an even bigger majority might express anger toward Congress for getting nothing done and at least a blasé attitude toward the President. But, apparently, despite all their rage, they don’t know a whole lot about how their own government operates. I guess they don’t cover those types of things in government schools. The schools prefer to keep kids as dumb as possible. The dumber they are, the more likely they are to vote for a Democrat, because Read more [...]
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Liberal Comedian Ruthlessly Mocks Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton guns for hands

Jon Stewart may use most of his time to mock conservatives… but every once in a while he goes after the real clowns and it’s awesome! Watch him tear apart the Hillary Clinton’s “totally-not-a-Presidential-campaign.

Such fun!

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Study: Liberals Literally Stink

Liberals Stink According to a new study, liberals and conservatives have perceptibly different body odors, among other things: The researchers, led by Brown University political scientist Rose McDermott, found that conservatives and liberals smell dissimilar. While the difference is small, it is apparently significant enough that we subconsciously prefer the scent of those who vote like we do. “It appears nature stacks the deck to make politically similar partners more attractive to each other in unconscious Read more [...]
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Another Blow to Natural Law: Chimpanzees are Naturally Homicidal

chimpanzees with guns New research has concluded that man’s involvement has nothing to do with the murderous habits of chimpanzees. It had been assumed that human encroachment on chimp lands and resources had caused them to become more aggressive and homicidal. But a new study overturns that theory. Chimpanzees are just bloodthirsty killers by nature: The researchers pored over 152 killings by chimps, most of which were carried out by males acting together. . . . The investigators had to determine whether these Read more [...]
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Democrat Called Out for Running "Very Misleading" and "Deceptive" Ad

udall Colorado Sen. Mark Udall is being called out for a new political ad, which a local NBC affiliate station calls “very misleading” and “deceptive.” The ad blames Udall’s opponent, Republican Rep. Cory Gardner, for hampering recovery from historic floods last year when he “stood with his party in Washington, voting to shut down the government.” In a “Truth Test” segment on Denver’s 9News, the ad is blasted for outright lying about the shutdown’s impact on flood response. “As Read more [...]
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The Very Real Liberal War On Conservative Women

Palinwhiteboard Yes there is a war on conservative women. Remember binders full of women? I sure do. Following the presidential debate in the fall of 2012 in which Mitt Romney tried to emphasize his commitment to gender diversity by telling the moderator that he had literally "binders full of women," the liberal machine came out to utterly destroy him. What Romney meant was that he had numerous female candidates, whose profiles were kept in binders for reference, just like any other candidate has. But the way in Read more [...]
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Obama to Make Jobs Even Harder for Blacks to Find

black unemployment According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national unemployment rate as of August 2014 for white Americans is down to 5.3%. The unemployment rate for black Americans is more than doubled the figure for whites at 12.0%. The unemployment rate for white teens 16 to 19 years of age is 17.0% and the rate for black teens 16 to 19 years of age is nearly doubled at 32.9%. Black Americans have been after Barack Obama to keep his promise of creating more job opportunities for them. Like all of the Read more [...]
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Freudian Slip? McCain Insinuates He Met With ISIS

mccain Syrian terrorists McCain and Obama agree on a lot of things. For the life of me, I can’t really figure out why the RNC chose someone like McCain to be on the ’08 ticket, unless they were for some reason setting McCain up to fail so that Obama would win. On foreign policy, both Obama and McCain like the idea of sending loads of cash and heavy weaponry to terrorists in the Middle East, so that they can de-stabilize the region, bring down Assad and have him replaced with some other person who is much more easily Read more [...]
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Bobby Jindal: Obama is a “Science Denier”

NOAA Tweaking Climate Data It was in the context of the administration’s belief in man-caused global warmism that the Louisiana Governor made his comments. Even the EPA would agree with Jindal to an extent. It was revealed recently that the EPA is not concerned about pollution or global warming when they issue mandates for power plants and try to regulate everyone else’s carbon emissions. Even they admit it’s purely political. Michael Bastasch with the Daily Caller wrote: Emails between top Environmental Protection Read more [...]
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New York Parents Sue for Charter Schools!

school choice A group of parents in Buffalo and Rochester, New York, has filed a lawsuit against the state, saying that the state’s formula for funding charter schools illegally shortchanges them compared to public schools. The suit, Brown v. New York, was filed Monday night and announced Tuesday afternoon with the aid of the Northeast Charter Schools Network, an advocacy group for over 200 charters in both New York and Connecticut. It claims that New York systematically gives charter schools less money than Read more [...]
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