The Danger of Electing a Collectivist

free and equal clinton "We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society." - Hillary Clinton The above quote from Hillary Clinton comes off as noble, perhaps even biblical—to love others more than yourself, and to put their interests above yours. However, upon further examination, Hillary's sentiment couldn't be much farther from the biblical notion of charity, and nobility. Dig a little deeper, past the platitude, and what Hillary seems to be talking about is a type of collectivism. Collectivism Read more [...]
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Man Who Posed as TSA Agent and Groped Women Has Charges Dropped

fake tsa agent Eric Slighton, fake TSA agent, was at the San Francisco International Airport when he stopped off at the airport bar and drank for a few hours. After reaching a sufficient level of intoxication, he lifted a pair of blue gloves from an agent, and having donned them, he asked two women on separate occasions to accompany him in the private screening room. Apparently, both women were foreign and probably didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. They complied and after their “screening” went Read more [...]
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Despite Gun Control, New York City Shootings Up

handgun They’re blaming the rise of shootings not on gun control itself but on the fact that the NYPD have recovered fewer guns this year than in previous years. This is a strange group of liberals though. In addition to blaming the rise in violence on lack of gun control, they also blame it on the decrease in “stop and frisks,” where police can stop anyone at random without warrant or probable cause, ID the person, and frisk him for weapons. This is one of the ways they got guns off the streets. Not Read more [...]
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ISIS Beheads American Journalist James Foley in Syria

Aleppo - 07/12 ISIS, the militant terrorist organization that is currently wreaking havoc in Syria and Iraq, is claiming that they have executed James Foley, an American journalist. ISIS released a video that appeared to show Foley kneeling beside an ISIS militant. The video then shows President Obama announcing an airstrike campaign against ISIS. When the video comes back to Foley and his executioner, it shows Foley reciting a message to America, after which the killer begins to saw Foley’s neck with a knife. Read more [...]
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Governor Rick Perry Fires Back at Texas Democrats!


Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) has an answer for his corrupt political opponents – this is who you are siding with.

I don’t think we need to be worried for Governor Perry, even liberals think that Democrats in Texas have gone too far.

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Navy Yanking Bibles from Lodge Rooms until Social Media Protest

gideon-bible_5 Under the leadership of our supposedly Christian Commander in Chief, the US Navy has ended its association with the Gideons and have ordered that the Bibles be pulled from the Navy’ Lodges. Rear Admiral Robert Bianchi, CEO of NEXCOM created a new policy in June that is being used to pull Gideon Bibles out of every Navy Lodge room. The policy – Navy Lodge Program: 14-004 – signed June 19, 2014 reads: “The Navy Lodge Program does not require or solicit religious items (e.g. Bibles) for Read more [...]
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Sheila Jackson Lee: Ban Open Carry Demonstrations

ammosexuals You see businesses all the time with a sign that reads, “No shoes, no shirt, no service.” Isn’t that discriminatory against homosexuals? You know, the types that march around in gay pride parades with painted on clothes? What if one of them wanted to buy something at a store, and he or she was disallowed entry, because (s)he had no shirt on? Are those signs homophobic? When are those businesses going to come out of the dark ages and join us in the 21st century? Businesses are allowed to Read more [...]
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Atheists Fight to be Able to “Pray” at Town Council Meetings

athism Atheists spend so much time and energy trying to convince people that they’re not religious. They claim to abhor religion and want it completely eradicated. So, part of their shtick is to file lawsuits to get nativity scenes dismantled or to get Ten Commandments displays taken down, on the basis that they represent violations of their sacred 1st Amendment rights. No government at any level is to have anything to do with any kind of religion, and particularly Christianity. Never mind the fact Read more [...]
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Evidence Emerges Supporting Officer Wilson, Left Still Fans Flames of Racism

ferguson police "The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses." - Malcolm X What happens if the narrative the leftist media has spun is dispelled? What happens then? When the spell has been broken, and the dust settles, will we return to sanity? The incident in Ferguson is a difficult one to decipher. If Darren Wilson did in fact shoot Michael Brown without sufficient Read more [...]
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Liberal Professor Blasts Attack on Rick Perry

rick perry Liberal Democrat and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz is not happy with the recent indictment of Governor Rick Perry by Democrat lawyers in Texas. "The two statutes under which he was indicted are reminiscent of the old Soviet Union — you know, abuse of authority. The idea of indicting him because he threatened to veto spending unless a district attorney who was caught drinking and driving resigned, that's not anything for a criminal indictment. That's a political issue." "Right Read more [...]
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Ohio Continues Fight Against Common Core

commoncore The legislative debate over a bill that would repeal Common Core began Monday in Ohio, commencing what will likely be the last of many fierce battles over the controversial education standards in 2014. HB 597, if approved, would make Ohio the fifth state to reject Common Core after previously adopting it, following in the footsteps of Indiana, Oklahoma and the Carolinas. On Monday, legislators in the state house’s rules committee heard testimony from a variety of Common Core opponents. The hearings Read more [...]
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Are Police Body Cameras Enough for Police Accountability?

police body cameras If the situation in Ferguson has done nothing else, it has highlighted the urgent necessity of holding the police accountable for their actions. It is very possible that Michael Brown tried to reach for a police officer’s gun during the altercation that resulted in his death. It is also possible that it didn’t go down like the police say. If only Ferguson police wore body cameras … I think it is more likely that a scared police officer started to pull his own gun, was stopped by Brown in Read more [...]
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