The State Department Wasted Millions on Afghan Sports Coverage

money U.S. taxpayers footed a $3 million bill years ago so the State Department could donate a couple of news trucks to Afghanistan to provide the country better sports coverage, but the trucks apparently remain unused. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, John F. Sopko voiced his concerns about the apparently failed project in a recent letter to Secretary of State John Kerry: “I am writing concerning a State Department contract to purchase three mobile television production Read more [...]
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Colorado Republicans are Destroying Democrats in Early Voting

crush republicans Colorado Republicans are far outpacing Democrats in voting, according to figures from the Colorado Secretary of State, with 62,480 more Republicans than Democrats casting their vote so far in the state’s all-mail election. Republican voters have turned in 43.7 percent of all votes cast to date, compared to 31.7 percent from Democrats. The Republican lead in early turnout has held since the beginning of the week, when the Secretary of State began releasing numbers. As of Friday morning, 226,923 registered Read more [...]
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Obamacare Analysis Reveals Uninsured Largely Still Uninsured

uninsured Americans Weren’t we all told that the main purpose behind Obamacare was to insure the millions of Americans that didn’t have healthcare coverage? If you believed that lie, then I have a bridge in San Francisco to sell you. Edmund Haislmaier and Drew Gonshorowski with The Heritage Foundation analyzed the latest numbers for Obamacare from the second quarter of 2014. The second quarter encompasses the last two open enrollment months along with the delays from the first quarter that were the result of Read more [...]
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Dems To Use Ferguson Anger To Keep Senate

looting Ferguson Ferguson anger may not be rational, but it is useful. "Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it." - Dwight D. Eisenhower Elections are a tricky thing, especially when you're lagging in the polls. More specifically, mid-term elections are a tricky proposition for Democrats because historically, demographics relied upon by Democrats are less likely to vote in mid-term elections versus presidential elections. According to The Washington Post: "Voters Read more [...]
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Weather Channel Founder: Global Warming “...a Lie”

al gore beware John Coleman is a Weather Channel founder. According to him, the debate over global warming is over. The science is settled. Global warming is nothing but a lie. The UK’s Daily Express reported on a letter Coleman wrote: In an open letter attacking the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, he wrote: "The ocean is not rising significantly. "The polar ice is increasing, not melting away. Polar Bears are increasing in number. "Heat waves have actually diminished, not increased. There is Read more [...]
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Grandpa Protects his Wife and Granddaughter from 3 Armed Thugs

3 thugs Thanks to the Second Amendment and a wise decision to own and train with firearms, a grandpa protect his family. A North Carolina grandfather defended his wife and protected his granddaughter from getting raped by three armed burglars who forced their way into their home. He was able to shoot all three of them, killing one of them and sending the other two to the hospital for their injuries. The two surviving suspects were nabbed easily by the police, and the third one was, well, dead. The Blaze Read more [...]
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Should Poor People be Allowed to Vote?

Poor People Vote Democrat Recent proposed legislation concerning Voter IDs has led some critics to claim that such laws restrict the poor from voting. In an article in the Atlantic, this restriction on the voting rights of the poor is called a “hoary American tradition”: In 2010, Tea Party Nation President Judson Phillips observed that “The Founding Fathers … put certain restrictions on who gets the right to vote … one of those was you had to be a property owner. And that makes a lot of sense, because if you’re Read more [...]
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IRS Winning Against the Tea Party

IRS Tea Party The first two lawsuits against the IRS brought by suppressed Tea Party organizations have been decided. In favor of the IRS. The method of the Taxman’s victory? Finally give the Tea Party groups tax-exempt status: Judge Reggie Walton of the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia dismissed almost all counts brought against the tax-collecting agency in two cases, ruling that both were essentially moot now that the IRS granted the groups their tax-exempt status that had been held up for Read more [...]
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Army found Guilty of Discrimination against Transgender Employee

transgender sex change Tamara Lusardi, a transgender who transitioned from male to female, has won his case against the Department of the Army for discrimination and humiliation, based on a report from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC). In 2010, software specialist Tamara Lusardi, was working for the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center as a civilian employee, and announced that he was now officially beginning his transition from male to female. Tamara changed his name Read more [...]
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This is the Must See Movie of the Day!

crescendo2 Crescendo is a brilliantly crafted movie. Just 13 minutes in length, it tells the sad story of a woman in a terrible situation. There are millions of women across the planet who are thrust into the most difficult of situations and it can all seem so hopeless. Crescendo offers hope, which is exactly what we should be offering as well… Former Planned Parenthood leader Abby Johnson has some glowing praise for the moive, Crescendo: Guys, there are honestly very few prolife films that Read more [...]
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Why Liberals Refuse To Believe In Radical Islam

islam dominate world The pleasure of feeling morally superior conservatives is more important than acknowledging radical Islam. "I think the greatest illusion we have is that denial protects us. It's actually the biggest distortion and lie. In fact, staying asleep is what's killing us." - Eve Ensler After a recent argument with a close friend regarding radical Islam, and it's pervasiveness, I have come to several conclusions: first, that one cannot draw blood from a stone, and second, that the reasoning behind the Read more [...]
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‘I Stand Sunday’ Rally in Houston to Support Pastors Persecuted by Lesbian Mayor

I stand Sunday Let me quickly summarize what has been taking place in Houston with their liberal Christian hating lesbian mayor, Annise Parker. Earlier this year, Parker, along with the help of a sexually confused councilman who thinks he’s a woman, forced through an ordinance that gave special privileged status to LGBT people. One of the provisions of that ordinance allows men who claim to be female or sexually confused to use the women’s bathroom, showers and locker rooms, even if they are still anatomically Read more [...]
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